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Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) covers a broad spectrum of business sectors within the service industry. The HTM program offers an interdisciplinary perspective that prepares students for local and global hospitality and tourism careers. Students participate in academic, observational, situational, and experiential settings to meet program competency requirements in operation and service management, financial and human resource management, global leadership, and personal & professional career development. The program is designed to empower students to become future leaders in the global hospitality and tourism industry. 

Why Choose Hospitality and Tourism Management?

  • In the US, the hospitality and tourism industry represents a $6.8 trillion-dollar industry and it projected to create 350 million new jobs by 2024.
  • A vast, dynamic and growing industry
  • Tremendous opportunity for ambitious students who enjoy working with people
  • Many different career paths
  • Opportunities to travel
  • Faculty with academic credentials and industry experience
  • Many courses with a specific focus on management, allow for transferable business skills
  • Study Abroad
  • Education plus industry experience means higher-level positions.

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Improve the well-being of people along the Gulf Coast by producing hospitality, tourism and ecotourism professionals who possess fiscal, social, environmental and professional competencies through education, training, job placement and partnerships.


To advance the people of the Gulf Coast and the global community through the creation and dissemination of knowledge and experience anchored in sustainable and best practices in the hospitality, tourism and ecotourism sectors.


Provide graduates with career and life competencies for sustainable employment, local and global leadership, engaged citizenry and research opportunities.