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The University of South Alabama offers an online bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. Employers on the upper Gulf Coast represent a range of industries (maritime, aerospace, logistics, engineering, automotive, construction, petrochemical, hospitality and more). The fully online bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership attracts both traditional and nontraditional students who may be established in a job, but need a four-year bachelor’s degree to move into a leadership role.



Dr. Paige Vitulli

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Dr. Paige Vitulli
Program Coordinator, Organizational Leadership
Chair, Department of Integrative Studies



Take the Lead

Organizational leadership majors take classes focused on management and leadership skills, which prepare graduates for work in the following areas.

▼   Training and Development
This degree teaches students how to match talented individuals to the right positions, motivate employees to produce their best work and design informative training initiatives.
▼   Government
Your courses cover political systems, state governments and global relations to help you become ready to provide leadership in a government agency or the court system.
▼   Human Resources Management
Classes help to prepare you to lead hiring, training and diversity initiatives in your workplace and provide an objective perspective when conflicts arise.
▼   International Business
Through classes on diversity and cross-cultural relations, you learn to work in foreign environments or with teams that span the globe, and you may also choose to study a foreign language.
▼   Labor Relations
You may serve as the go-between for a union and an employer, and study contract negotiations and conflict resolution.
▼   Management Consulting
Taking courses on power, ethics, organizational structure, team management and communication prepares you to advise businesses about how to take their operations to the next level.
▼   Marketing and Advertising
You can study consumer behavior, product management and social media advertising campaigns to increase your organization’s customer base and improve attitudes toward your services.
▼   Operations Management and Supervision
You’ll learn about information technology, project management, and supply chain logistics and practice using data in decision-making.
▼   Organizational Management and Development
You will be prepared for leadership positions through studies in change management, human resources, and strategic planning.
▼   Public Relations
Leaders often serve as the public face of their organizations, so courses about communications and consumer research are valuable preparation for that role.