Department of Integrative Studies

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Organizations and students recognize the value of Integrative Studies through engagement in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary learning. These types of degrees equip students with a wide range of knowledge as well as the critical and analytical skills needed to be successful in the workforce. These programs frequently incorporate experiential learning to supplement classroom time, including internships, study abroad programs, field placements, community engagement and service learning.

The Department of Integrative Studies (INGS) in the College of Education and Professional Services (CEPS) includes faculty who are professionals from various backgrounds including business, political science, military, instructional design, teacher education, interdisciplinary studies, community counseling, educational research, and child development. The faculty and advisors are committed to the recruitment and retention of talented students with the potential to have a positive impact on their profession and the community.


Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies is a customizable program offering a BA or BS which builds skills in communication, cultural competency, analytical thinking, leadership, and teamwork. Diversity is valued among learners and emphasis is on the importance of becoming an active leader, effective team member, and engaged global citizen. If you have a busy schedule and are looking for flexibility, our fully online courses allow you to balance your work and personal life demands.

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