Mechanical Engineering Research

Mechanical Students working in lab with materials

Recent Research

Francis M. Donovan, Professor

  • Techniques or expanding information obtained from thermal dilution measurement of cardiac output

Kuang-Ting Hsiao, Associate Professor

  • Manufacturing Processes for Polymer Composite Materials (RTM, VARTM)
  • Hybrid Micro-fiber/Nano-particle Composites
  • Artificial Intelligence in Process Optimization, Monitoring, and Control
  • Smart Materials
  • Transport Phenomena in Fuel Cell
  • Heat/Mass Transfer and Flow of Viscous Materials
  • Transport Phenomena in Porous Media

Gail D. Jefferson, Assistant Professor

  • Analysis of advanced composite systems:
    • Developing models and test methods that examine the behavior of advanced non-metallic, nanostructured material systems,
    • Investigating material performance associated with load, temperature and environment interaction of these composite systems.
  • Analysis of composite microstructure-property relationships:
    • Applying statistical mechanics to microstructure to determine homogenization relationships for material properties.

David A. Nelson, Professor

  • Heat Transfer
  • Bioengineering

Anh-Vu Phan, Professor

  • Multiscale dynamic fracture analysis
  • Boundary element methods for elastodynamics
  • Modeling the growth instability in Si-based thin films