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The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.


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▼   Requirements for a Degree

The undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering requires the completion of 126 credits. Mechanical engineering students are required to take the Mechanical Engineering discipline specific Fundamentals of Engineering examination of Alabama or another state prior to graduation. All electives must be approved by the student’s advisor.

Bachelor's of Science Mechanical Engineering (ME) Curriculum--University Bulletin

Mechanical Engineering Aerospace Track - University Bulletin

Mechanical Engineering Biomedical Track - University Bulletin

▼   Mechanical Engineering Electives
Science Electives
BLY 121: General Biology I (3 cr)
CH 132: General Chemistry II (3 cr)
GY 111: Physical Geology (3 cr)
PH 303: Modern Physics (4 cr)
ST 315: Applied Probability‐Statistics (3 cr)
MA 316: Linear Algebra II (3 cr)
MA 354: Computer Assisted Mathematical Modeling (3 cr)
MA 437: Complex Variables (3 cr)
ME Electives [asterisks (*) are the potential courses to be offered within a 2‐year cycle; Italic (italic) courses to be offered on demand]
ME 411* ‐ Thermal System Design
ME 419 ‐ Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
ME 421* ‐ Mechanical Systems Design
ME 422 ‐ Gas Turbines
ME 431* ‐ Gas Dynamics
ME 432* ‐ Advanced Thermodynamics
ME 438* ‐ Finite Element Analysis
ME 441 ‐ Microprocessors for Mechanical Engineers
ME 450* ‐ Heat Vent and Air Conditioning
ME 451 ‐ Refrigeration Systems
ME 453 ‐ IC Engines
ME 460 – Marine Engineering
ME 466* ‐ Aerospace Propulsion
ME 467* ‐ Intro to Biomedical Engineering
ME 468* ‐ Principles of Aircraft Design
ME 469*‐Aircraft Stability and Control
ME 470* – Aircraft Structural Analysis
ME 490 ‐ Special Topics
ME 494 ‐ Directed Independent Study
Technical Electives
BLY 122: General Biology II (3 cr)
CH 201: Organic Chemistry I (3 cr)
CH 202: Organic Chemistry II (3 cr)
GY305: Geophysics (4 cr)
GY 310: Environmental Earth Sciences (3 cr)
PH 303: Modern Physics (4 cr)
EG 480: Principles of Eng Man and Leadership (3 cr)
ST 315: Applied Probability‐Statistics (3 cr)
ST: 320: Applied Statistical Analysis (3 cr)
MA 316: Linear Algebra II (3 cr)
MA 332: Differential Equations II (3 cr)
MA 334: Advance Calculus I (3 cr)
MA 335: Advanced Calculus II (3 cr)
MA 354: Computer Assisted Math Modeling (3 cr)
MA 436: Numerical Analysis (3 cr)
MA 437: Complex Variables (3 cr)

Students must choose 4 electives:

One course from Science Electives

One course from ME Electives

Two additional courses from either ME Electives or Technical Electives

▼   Advising

Advising Form (PDF) (current students only)

ME students select their advising appointments using SSC Campus. You should also receive an email from your department or advisor with further instructions on how to make an appointment. Advising takes place the two weeks before the first day of registering.

Virginia Carithers
(251) 460-6168

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