Dr. David A. Nelson

Professor and Chair
Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

My research is in the field of heat transfer. I study how energy moves in, and through physiological systems. I have a particular interest in tissue & organ heating effects from exposure to radio-frequency (RF) fields. This work has implications to health & safety standards for a variety of devices (e.g., cell phones, wireless LANs) as well as therapies to treat certain cancers. It's also a fascinating field of research!



Ph.D. Engineering, Duke University
M.S. Engineering, The Ohio State University
B.S. Engineering, Duke University



Nelson, D.A., Curlee, J.S., Curran, A.R., Ziriax, J.M. and Mason, P.A. "Determining localized garment insulation values from manikin studies: computational method and results" European Journal of Applied Physiology 95(5-6):464-73(2005)

Walters, T.J., Ryan, K.L., Nelson, D.A., Blick, D.W., Mason, P.A. “Effects of Blood Flow on Skin Heating Induced by Millimeter Wave Irradiation in Humans” Health Physics 86(2):115-120 (2004)

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EG 270: Engineering Thermodynamics
ME 490/590 (Special Topics): Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
ME 540: Conduction Heat Transfer