Dr. Anh-Vu Phan
SHEC 3132
Ph: (251) 460-6168

Dr. Anh-Vu Phan

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

  • Symmetric-Galerkin boundary element method (SGBEM) with emphasis on dynamic fracture analysis

  • Boundary integral equations for the static and dynamic T-stresses

  • SGBEM Analysis of Quantum Mechanics

  • Dynamic fracture analysis of auxetic fiber reinforced composites

  • Numerical modeling of cAMP signaling

  • Numerical modeling of the solid-phase epitaxial growth in Si-Ge alloy thin films



Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique, University of Montreal
M.S. Solid Mechanics, Grenoble Institute of Technology
B.E. Mechanical Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology



T.-T. Phan, T.-K. Nguyen, D.-H. Phan and A.-V. Phan, 'SGBEM analysis
of diffraction of P- and SV-waves by a plane crack in an infinite domain',

N. Stone, S. Shettlesworth, T.C. Rich, S.J. Leavesley and A.-V. Phan,
'A two-dimensional finite element model of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) intracellular signaling', SN Applied Sciences, 1:1713, (2019).

D.-H. Phan, T.-T. Phan, T.-K. Nguyen and A.-V. Phan, 'Dynamic stress intensity factors for multiple parallel cracks in an infinite domain under the passage of a normal incident impact or blast P-wave', Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, 106, 75-85, (2019).

T.-K. Nguyen, D.-H. Phan, T.-T. Phan and A.-V. Phan, ‘Symmetric Galerkin boundary element analysis of the interaction between multiple growing cracks in infinite domains’, Archive of Applied Mechanics, 88, 2003-2016, (2018).

A.-V. Phan, ‘Dynamic stress intensity factor analysis of the interaction between multiple impact-loaded cracks in infinite domains’, AIMS Materials Science, 3, 1683-1695, (2016).

K.J. Webb, C.A. Wiles, N. Annamdevula, R. Sweat, A.L. Britain, A.-V. Phan, M.I.
Townsley, S.J. Leavesley and T.C. Rich, ‘A Mathematical Model of Calcium and cAMP Signaling in Pulmonary Microvascular Endothelial Cells’, The FASEB Journal, 30(1 Supplement), 969-26, (2016).

K. Kwon and A.-V. Phan, ‘Symmetric-Galerkin boundary element analysis of the dynamic T-stress for the interaction of a crack with auxetic inclusions’, Mechanics Research Communications, 69, 91-96, (2015).

S. Ebrahimi and A.-V. Phan, ‘Dynamic crack growth modeling technique based upon the SGBEM in the Laplace domain’, Acta Mechanica, 226, 769-781, (2015).

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EG 284: Dynamics
EG 315: Mechanics of Materials
AE 361: Fundamentals of Aerodynamics
ME 328: Mechanical Engineering Analysis II
ME 413: Senior Capstone Design Project I
ME 414: Senior Capstone Design Project II
ME 421: Mechanical Systems Design
ME 438/538: Finite Element Analysis
ME 430/530: Mechanism Synthesis
ME 470: Aircraft Structural Analysis
ME 472: Vibration Analysis and Synthesis
ME 518: Advanced Mechanical Engineering Analysis II
ME 583: Applied Elasticity
ME 572: Advanced Vibrations
ME 590: Special Topics: Micromechanics
ME 592: Directed Independent Study