Dr. Anh-Vu Phan
SHEC 3132
Ph: (251) 460-6168

Dr. Anh-Vu Phan

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

  • Symmetric-Galerkin boundary element method (SGBEM) with emphasis on dynamic fracture analysis

  • Boundary integral equations for the static and dynamic T-stresses

  • SGBEM Analysis of Quantum Mechanics

  • Dynamic fracture analysis of auxetic fiber reinforced composites

  • Numerical modeling of cAMP signaling

  • Numerical modeling of the solid-phase epitaxial growth in Si-Ge alloy thin films



Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique, University of Montreal
M.S. Solid Mechanics, Grenoble Institute of Technology
B.E. Mechanical Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology



R. Warren, T.C. Rich, S.J. Leavesley and A.-V. Phan, 'A three-dimensional infinite element model of cAMP intracellular signaling', (in preparation).

T.-T. Phan, T.-K. Nguyen, D.-H. Phan and A.-V. Phan, 'SGBEM analysis
of diffraction of P- and SV-waves by a plane crack in an infinite domain',
International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics, 6:121, (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s40819-020-00877-4

N. Stone, S. Shettlesworth, T.C. Rich, S.J. Leavesley and A.-V. Phan,
'A two-dimensional finite element model of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) intracellular signaling', SN Applied Sciences, 1:1713, (2019).

D.-H. Phan, T.-T. Phan, T.-K. Nguyen and A.-V. Phan, 'Dynamic stress intensity factors for multiple parallel cracks in an infinite domain under the passage of a normal incident impact or blast P-wave', Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, 106, 75-85, (2019).

T.-K. Nguyen, D.-H. Phan, T.-T. Phan and A.-V. Phan, ‘Symmetric Galerkin boundary element analysis of the interaction between multiple growing cracks in infinite domains’, Archive of Applied Mechanics, 88, 2003-2016, (2018).

A.-V. Phan, ‘Dynamic stress intensity factor analysis of the interaction between multiple impact-loaded cracks in infinite domains’, AIMS Materials Science, 3, 1683-1695, (2016).

K.J. Webb, C.A. Wiles, N. Annamdevula, R. Sweat, A.L. Britain, A.-V. Phan, M.I.
Townsley, S.J. Leavesley and T.C. Rich, ‘A Mathematical Model of Calcium and cAMP Signaling in Pulmonary Microvascular Endothelial Cells’, The FASEB Journal, 30(1 Supplement), 969-26, (2016).

K. Kwon and A.-V. Phan, ‘Symmetric-Galerkin boundary element analysis of the dynamic T-stress for the interaction of a crack with auxetic inclusions’, Mechanics Research Communications, 69, 91-96, (2015).

S. Ebrahimi and A.-V. Phan, ‘Dynamic crack growth modeling technique based upon the SGBEM in the Laplace domain’, Acta Mechanica, 226, 769-781, (2015).

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EG 284: Dynamics
EG 315: Mechanics of Materials
AE 361: Fundamentals of Aerodynamics
ME 328: Mechanical Engineering Analysis II
ME 413: Senior Capstone Design Project I
ME 414: Senior Capstone Design Project II
ME 421: Mechanical Systems Design
ME 438/538: Finite Element Analysis
ME 430/530: Mechanism Synthesis
ME 470: Aircraft Structural Analysis
ME 472: Vibration Analysis and Synthesis
ME 518: Advanced Mechanical Engineering Analysis II
ME 583: Applied Elasticity
ME 572: Advanced Vibrations
ME 590: Special Topics: Micromechanics
ME 592: Directed Independent Study