Frequently Asked Questions

Full-Time Study:

The CCP program requires full-time study (3-4 courses per semester). Students who are receiving doctoral graduate assistantships are not allowed to be employed outside of the CCP program.


CCP classes are offered during 9-5 hours, with only a few evening classes and/or online classes.

In-Residence Program:

The CCP program is an in-residence program, i.e. the vast majority of training experience occur in face-to-face coursework. Web-based learning is utilized in some classes, but the program as a whole is a traditional day time program.

5 - Year Program:

The CCP program consists of a minimum of 5 years of post-Bachelors study. Some students will take longer than 5 years to complete the program though. During the first 4 of these years you will complete an M.S. degree in psychology including a research thesis, followed by two more years of doctoral coursework including a dissertation. The fifth year consists of a capstone internship typically occurs in another region/location and procured through the APPIC match. Students applying to the program having already earned a masters degree in psychology may receive credit for some courses already taken but will typically still take between 4-5 years to complete the CCP program.


The goal of the CCP program is to provide doctoral assistantships to all admitted students, which include a stipend and tuition waivers in exchange for 20 hours per week of work for the CCP program faculty. However, assistantship funding is not guaranteed. Typically stipends are $11,000 per year and most, if not all, tuition is funded through assistantships.