Financial Aid

Loans, Grants & Scholarships:

Students may apply through the USA Financial Aid office for loans, grants and scholarships.


The goal of the CCP program is to provide graduate assistantships to all incoming doctoral students. 

These assistantships may come from a variety of sources including:

  • Fellowships funded by the University of South Alabama Foundation
  • Assistantships funded by the Dept. of Psychology or the Dept. of Counseling & Instructional Sciences
  • Assistantships funded by contracts with health, mental health and human services agencies.
  • Assistantships funded by research or service grants

Assistantships or Fellowships typically pay at least $15,000 over the course of 12 months and include a tuition scholarship which covers for up to 12 hours of coursework each semester. Assistantships funded with external money may have higher stipends. Students must pay tuition for coursework that exceeds the 12 hour limit. Some assistantships may cover less than 12 hours, though the program tries to avoid this and is often able to find additional sources to cover the remainder of tuition costs. Students must also pay university fees each semester as well as other related costs such as books, liability insurance, etc. The goal of the CCP programs is to procure funding for assistantships during the summer semester as well, though this funding is not guaranteed and the sources of summer funding may vary from year to year.