Research & Service Projects

Research Teams/Labs Web Pages

  • JagConnect - Dr. Phil Smith's SAMHSA-funded campus suicide prevention program
  • Mobile Juvenile Court Collaborative - Dr. Tres Stefurak's research team partnering with the juvenile court, St. Mary's Home and Lifelines Counseling
  • Healthy Youth & Families Lab - Dr. Kim Zlomke's research lab focusing on Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Autism Spectrum Disorder and pediatric psychology
  • Cultural & Individual Differences Lab - Dr. Ryon McDermott's research lab focusing on a variety of psychological, cultural, and interpersonal factors related to mental health, and with a particular focus on men and masculinities.
  • Veterans Recovery Resources - Dr. Currier is the Clinical Lead for this non-profit organization he helped found. VRR provides services to veterans and first responders and serves as a research and clinical placement site for the CCP program.