Mitchell College of Business Internships

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The business internship program provides an opportunity for students planning careers in business to participate in their chosen field prior to graduation. Internships are offered to all qualifying students in the Mitchell College of Business. Three credit hours are required for graduation from the college.

Ready for an internship? Here is how to get started.

▼   What are the business internship requirements?

In order to qualify for the internship credit you must meet the following requirements:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Must have junior or senior status
  • *International students, please see your advisor for internship requirements 
▼   How can I find an internship?

How do I find an internship?

Get instructions, requirements, and ideas to find the right internship for you.

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▼   I found an internship. Now what?
  1. Learn the requirements for starting and successfully completing your internship.
  2. Complete the Experiential Learning Guidelines
    *Be sure to have your Internship Supervisor sign page 4
  3. Submit your completed application to your department chair 

    Accounting - Dr. James R. Hardin
    (251) 460-7410 | MLRC 246C

    Economics & Finance - Dr. Ken Hunsader
    (251) 460-6729 | MCOB 330

    Management - Dr. Bill Gillis
    (251) 414-8084 | MCOB 347

    Marketing - Dr. Alvin Williams
    (251) 461-1792 | MCOB 354

  4. After the chair approves your internship, you will be released to register for the course


A Note from the Internship Coordinator 

Kelly Woodford JD

The Mitchell College of Business internship program provides opportunities for students planning careers in business to gain experience in their field prior to graduation. The internship is an applied work experience available to qualified students in the Mitchell College of Businesses. Contact me and I will help you find the position to that perfect for you. Go Jags!  

Kelly Woodford, JD
Associate Dean
Mitchell College of Business
(251) 460-6723 | MCOB 133