Student Spotlight: Qamya Richardson

Posted on April 26, 2021 by MCOB Outreach
MCOB Outreach

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Hi, my name is Qamya Richardson (pronounced Ka-Mya) I am a junior International Business major with a minor in Composite Sciences. I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. After graduating from McAdory High School in McCalla, I started at the University of South Alabama in Fall of 2018. Right away, I knew South was my home.

I toured many schools during my senior year of high school, but none of them gave me the sense of belonging that South offered. I found South because my uncle attended another school in the area (that shall not be named because South is the best!). One of the many appealing features of South that drew me here was the proximity to the beach. Funny enough, I am headed towards four years on campus and have yet to visit the beach. I have had too much fun with my friends here on campus.

My entire time at South has been nothing short of amazing. I have seen the University grow and develop— from the new stadium to the new residence hall, Camellia, where I was one of the first students to live there. With a year left, I know I have many more incredible life-changing experiences ahead. 

Having a major that would afford me with social and interpersonal skills was imperative. When I first came to South, I planned on majoring in engineering, but then I found The Mitchell College of Business. It felt like a breath of fresh air. s. The transition was different, but my peers and the faculty, specifically Mrs. Madden, made it seamless, and now I am thriving. Being a student at MCOB has granted me so many opportunities and lifelong relationships. I have the pleasure of being a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and an MCOB ambassador, along with a few other organizations outside the college. Through my time at South, I have grown into a better version of myself. I now value patience, kindness, compassion, and hard work more than high school self would have imagined. 

After graduating from the Mitchell College of Business, I plan to further my education. I will be applying to medical school, to become a physician, and to a master’s program for my MBA. I know the skills and relationships I have formed at MCOB have prepared me for the next step in my journey. 


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