Professional Education


The South Alabama Center for Business Analytics, Real Estate, and Economic Development presents multiple professional and continuing education opportunities for practitioners in the fields of real estate, law, accountancy, appraisal, and insurance. The Center’s premier education event is the Gulf Coast Real Estate and Economic Education Conference held annually each Fall. Please see the Events section for additional details.  

The Center also presents a series of continuing education seminars taught by terminally-degreed Mitchell College of Business faculty members. New courses are developed each year, and the Center can work to customize a class to your organization’s specific needs. Past course offerings include:


High Impact Selling in Competitive Markets
Attendees learn the value creation, value delivery, and sales success parts of professional and successful selling. The class covers the planning, execution, and assessment parts of a sales presentation, and the sales negotiation process.

Communication Skills of Sales Leaders
Attendees learn how to increase their verbal and non-verbal messages to improve communication with colleagues and clients. Attendees examine, critique, and, evaluate real-life examples of spoken and written messages, and develop a plan for implementing one or more communication methods.

Professional Retailing Beyond the Open House
Attendees learn about the sales-marketing mix, and the need to establish and position a sales brand in the market. Discussing current marketplace trends, attendees learn how to increase the value of the services they offer to their clients and customers.

Details in the Purchase Contract
Attendees learn the details of the widely-used Mobile Area Association of Realtors’ Purchase Contract, and benefit from the examples based on Dr. Oldweiler’s vast experience as a practicing real estate attorney.

Presentation Skills for Professionals
Attendees learn how to analyze and make a connection with an audience, and to understand the steps necessary to incorporate successfully effective messaging strategies into persuading an audience.

Negotiation Skills for Real Estate Professionals
Attendees learn about the negotiation skills used by professional arbitrators, and gain insights from Dr. Shearer’s experience as a practicing attorney, arbitrator, and classroom instructor.

Current Topics in Real Estate Litigation
Attendees learn about select current legal cases involving the practice of real estate, and how to use this advanced knowledge to advise their clients and customers and avoid possible pitfalls in their real estate practice.
Results Focused Communication
Attendees learn how to identify challenges to effective communication and develop an understanding about how to overcome possible communication barriers. 

Better Listing Prices
Attendees learn how to properly select and use modern appraisal methods to establish the correct list price. Attendees also learn methods that will enable them to communicate effectively with appraisers.

Real Estate Data and Internet Information
Attendees learn about local and national websites that present a wide variety of real estate information, and examine how the data found on each can be used in market analysis and transaction structure.