USA Jaguar Realty

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Many of you may have heard about USA Jaguar Realty. But did you know it will also satisfy your MCOB internship requirement?

▼   What is USA Jaguar Realty?
  • USA Jaguar Realty is a university-based real estate company for Real Estate students.
  • This first-in-the-nation initiative, offered by the Mitchell College of Business will increase opportunities for South’s Real Estate majors and minors to gain real experience—from both the successes and failures—of the many real estate professionals with whom they will work.
  • USA Jaguar Realty will put Real Estate majors and minors in the position of being able to earn real money by working on and closing deals.
  • Is there a better way to learn about how to do something than to actually do it?
▼   What opportunities will be available to USA Jaguar Realty agents?
  • Fulfill the Mitchell College of Business internship requirement.
  • Receive training by the best professional sales experts in the business.
  • Gain knowledge and expertise not available in a book or classroom through mentorship from industry leaders.
  • Begin developing a professional network of professionals in real estate and related fields—banking, appraisal, title insurance, inspection, and many more.
  • Earn an Alabama real estate salesperson’s license—transferable to other states through reciprocity agreements.
  • Springboard future job placement by getting a head start in the workforce while still in college.
  • Best of all: close deals and make money!
▼   How can I join?
  • Mitchell College of Business students must first declare Real Estate as either their Major Concentration or as a Minor.
  • Take and pass FIN 344 and FIN 346 to satisfy the Alabama Real Estate Commission Salesperson's License Test pre-license requirements.
    Take and pass the Alabama Real Estate Commission Salesperson's License Test.
  • Apply for the USA Jaguar Realty Endowed Scholarship through JagSPOT.
    You will receive a $1,000 scholarship to use toward your internship course tuition costs.
  • USA Jaguar Realty will place you with an area real estate firm to start work based on your schedule.
  • Your work will satisfy your MCOB internship requirement.
  • Because you will hold a professional real estate license, you can close deals and make money!!! 
  • Best of all, even after you graduate, you will still hold a professional real estate license, which subject to various state reciprocity agreements, you can transfer to another state and start working in the real estate business there right after graduation.
  • If you do go somewhere else, who wouldn't want to hire you? You studied real estate in college, you will have already worked in the business, you will already have a license, and you will be instantly marketable as someone who already has real world, professional workplace experience and who is ready to go.
▼   What are FIN 344 and FIN 346?
  • FIN 344 is a 3-hour course titled Principles of Real Estate. It is offered each semester and during the summer, most often in an online format. FIN 344 is also a required course for all Real Estate Concentration core courses.
  • FIN 346 is a 1-hour course titled Alabama Real Estate License Law. It is offered each semester and during the summer, always in an online format. Because it is only a 1-hour course, the Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory grade will not impact your GPA.
▼   Who should do this?
  • Any Mitchell College of Business Real Estate Major or Minor student is eligible.
▼   What if I change my mind and want to do something other than real estate after I graduate? No problem. Why?
  • You will still have a professional license which you can always use here or somewhere else, even if later on.
  • You will still have already worked in a real company and professional office environment.
  • You will still have the training and mentoring you received while working there.
  • You will still have developed an extensive professional network...think future references!!!
  • You do not have to pay back the $1,000.
  • You will still keep the money you earned.
▼   What do I do now and how do I register for FIN 346?
  • If you have already taken or are currently taking FIN 344, you don't have to consult your advisor.
    All you have to do is send Dr. Reid Cummings an email at requesting permission to register for FIN 346. That's it!


USA Jaguar Realty is waiting on you. What are you waiting on?