By the Numbers

Former SGA President sitting in the MCOB lab.

First-Year Retention Rates

Over the last five years, the first-year retention rate has averaged 74.6%.  Retention by the College is the result of a number of initiatives by the College and University to increase the freshmen experience.

Six-Year Graduation Rates

Six-year graduation rates have steadily increased over the last six years. Of business students entering in fall of 2012, 41.3% graduate from the university with in six years. 

Scholarships Awarded

In 2017, the Mitchell College of Business awarded 92 scholarships totaling almost $500,000 to business students.  The number of scholarships awarded has increased almost 20% over the past three years; the scholarship dollars awarded has increased over 25% during the same period.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

The number of undergraduate students completing experiential learning (internships, co-ops, etc.) opportunities has more than doubled over the past four years.  Beginning with students enrolling in Fall 2016, all Mitchell College of Business students are required to complete an experiential learning activity as part of their degree requirements.