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Investing in Mitchell College of Business 

Financial support dramatically impacts the lives of the students in the Mitchell College of Business. Your support makes us who we are today and directly affect tomorrow’s business leaders.

▼   Students
The enrollment, education and graduation of outstanding students is of paramount importance to the Mitchell College of Business. Employers and other external constituents benefit from inspired graduates entering the workforce. In order to attract these students, the Mitchell College must offer competitive scholarships. The Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative matches any endowed undergraduate scholarship gift dollar-for-dollar.
▼   Academic Enhancement
Advances in technology, changes in classroom design, and active-learning teaching methods have drastically changed the educational environment. In order to maximize learning outcomes, the Mitchell College must incorporate these advances into the classroom.
▼   International Emphasis
Our students will enter an increasingly complex and competitive global economy. Research and experience show that students who participate in global immersion opportunities are better prepared for competition in the global economy. The goal of our international emphasis project is to assure the affordability of study abroad opportunities for all interested students. Your gifts make international study abroad a reality for our students.

The Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative

During the University’s 50th Anniversary celebration, Abraham Mitchell announced the creation of the Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative. This initiative provides matching funds for contributions toward undergraduate endowed scholarships. Match ​qualifying contributions include​:​ gifts of cash, employer matching funds, pledges​,​ and memorial and honorarium gifts. An undergraduate scholarship can have an impact for generations, helping current and future USA students achieve their dream of attaining a high-quality undergraduate degree. The Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative provides an extraordinary opportunity for donors to turn those dreams into real college diplomas.


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