Jana Stupavsky

Jana Stupavsky

Instructor of Marketing
Assistant Director of SABRE


Jana Stupavsky is a multilingual professional with 13 years of broad international experience in economic development project management and B2B marketing. After joining academia in 2016, her focus shifted towards applied research, visual analytics, and undergraduate instruction.

As the Assistant Director at SABRE (South Alabama Center for Business Analytics, Real Estate, and Economic Development) at the University of South Alabama, Jana works to position SABRE into Gulf Coast's go-to resource for business analytics, research, and consulting. In addition, she implements data mining and visual analytics tools to expand the Center's analytics capabilities and to support the region's business community.

Before joining the academia, Stupavsky spent 13 years in economic development and B2B marketing in various roles at the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce and the Mobile Airport Authority in the Mobile, Alabama area. While there, she worked strategically with local and state economic development partners to identify and recommend site locations, business advantages, and workforce availability. She managed aerospace, chemical, paper and steel manufacturing projects, resulting in job creation and capital investments in the Mobile, Alabama area. Further, she provided a strategic support role to the community leaders by developing and implementing a geospatial property management database to enhance the community's development planning capabilities.  

Jana speaks Slovak, Czech, Croatian, German, and Swedish in addition to English. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing-International Business and a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of South Alabama and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Business Administration - Business Analytics track.