Adrienne Gannon
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Adrienne Gannon

About Me

Originally from Gulfport, MS, I am a Coastie through and through. I love it, live it, breath it, and wouldn’t want to change it! I earned my master’s degree at South and always felt a connection to USA. I like to call South Alabama the “hidden gem” of Alabama universities because once you visit USA, you quickly see why when South gets in your system, it never leaves you. I became involved in different organizations, and I currently serve as an advisor for a Greek organization at USA. I have been in recruiting and higher education for more than five years and I always enjoy working with parents and students, helping them fulfill their dreams, and opening doors they never expected!


Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Mississippi State University

Master of Arts in Communication from the University of South Alabama 

My Favorite:

Favorite thing to do on campus

My favorite thing to do on campus is to sit at Moulton Tower and reflect! The tower gives you the opportunity to reflect on what is important in life and recognize how lucky I am to be apart of the Jaguar Family!

Favorite thing about USA

My favorite thing about USA is the unique culture. When someone comes to USA, they do not have to “fit in.” The university simply fits around them, allowing the student to grow both personally and professionally in a way that is fun and unique!

Favorite thing to do in Mobile

No brainer: Mardi Gras! However, since Fat Tuesday rolls around once a year, I enjoy LoDa Artwalk every month Downtown, because it always you to enjoy the culture of Mobile in a relaxed atmosphere.

Favorite Music

I am an old soul. I love anything from the 60s and 70s, but you’ll usually find me listening to anything by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Favorite Movie

Beaches with Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey. It will remind you that family is not always the one you are born into.