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As a part of the University of South Alabama Business Office, the Accounts Payable Department serves as a support function to the University's overall mission. The primary goal of the department is to provide for the timely and accurate expenditure of University funds and the recording of those expenditures in a manner consistent with University guidelines and other regulations. Accounts Payable strives to ensure that vendors, travelers, University departments, and others are paid in a timely and accurate manner consistent with University guidelines.


Latest News:

ePayables at the University of South Alabama


The University of South Alabama (USA) has partnered with Hancock Whitney Bank to offer a new ePayables card payment program through Bora Payment System’s Payer Direct Hub® (PDH). This is the University’s preferred method of payment and is part of a campus-wide initiative to reduce paper waste and expedite payment to our valued business partners.

Vendors who choose to participate in the ePayables payment option will be paid “due immediately”. Once an invoice is approved for payment, an electronic remittance advice will be sent to the supplier via email. The remittance advice will include statement-type information such as invoice numbers, dates, and payment amounts. Payments can be retrieved with USA’s designated account number that will be assigned to each supplier. The current procedures for invoicing will remain the same.

The benefits of the Payer Direct Hub® (PDH) to our vendors include:


  • Accelerated receipt of payment, as funds are typically deposited within 48 hours of the transaction.

  • No longer being bound by Net 30 payment terms.

  • Enhanced payment information.

  • Preferred supplier status resulting in minimized invoice approval time.

  • Reduced exposure to bank fraud.

  • Fewer errors.


 Other Electronic Payment Options


The University strongly suggests that all vendors enroll in ePayables to ensure accelerated payment of all invoices, often within 48 hours after receipt. However, USA also processes payments via ACH electronic payment. Please note that payment terms for ACH electronic payment are net 30. Additionally, the University will only issue check payments in unique cases and only with the approval of the Accounts Payable Manager or Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration. We request that all suppliers who do not participate in ePayables enroll in ACH electronic payment so that all future payments are processed electronically. Instructions regarding participating in electronic ACH payment can be accessed here.