Before Moving In

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  • Consult our Community Standards page before moving in to learn more about our policies.
  • Make sure your meningitis and other required vaccination information has been submitted to the USA Student Health Center.
  • Check your family's homeowner's or apartment dweller's insurance policy to make sure valuables you bring to campus will be covered.
  • Review our list of What to Bring, which also includes a list of items you should leave at home.
  • If you receive an email (JagMail) regarding your updated housing assignment, login to view your housing room assignment & roommate information (if applicable).
  • After learning your roommate's name(s), email your roommate(s) and try to talk several times before move-in day. Share academic plans, common interests, and what each of you will contribute to your room's set-up. If possible, arrange to meet for a meal or a movie, so you can get to know one another better.
There are many ways to customize your space with bedding, lamps, accessories and more. But first, we encourage you to review the standard room furnishings provided for your specific room assignment. You will find these items in the Features & Amenities section at the bottom of your room assignment's residential community page.