Office of Immigration and International Admissions Workshops

The Office of Immigration offers several workshops each semester that are geared towards the needs of our F-1 and J-1 students. A workshop schedule is emailed to current students along at the beginning of each semester and the dates and times of workshops are published on a semesterly basis. 

For the Spring 2022 semester, the following workshops are being offered:

1/21/22 12:30pm: OPT workshop

1/27/2022 12:30pm: Adding Dependents

2/1/22 12:30pm: OPT workshop

2/3/22 12:30pm: ITIN Workshop

2/7/22 4:00pm: OPT workshop

2/8/22 12:30pm: I-20 Extension workshop  

3/3/22  12:30pm: Internships and CPT

3/8/22 12:30pm: J-1 Academic Training

3/11/22 12:30pm: OPT workshop

3/17/22 12:30pm: Planning for the Fall Semester

4/1/22 8am-11am: Travel Signature Day

4/5/22 1-4pm: Travel Signature Day

4/8/22 1:00pm: OPT workshop

4/14/22 11:00am: OPT workshop

4/21/22 8-11am: Travel Signature Day

4/27/22 2:00pm: OPT workshop

5/10/22 10:00am: OPT workshop