Secondary Education Area V Required Courses

Transfer Articulation

We appreciate your interest in the University of South Alabama (USA). USA is dedicated to making the transfer transition as easy as possible. As required by state law, USA will take your coursework as outlined on the AGSC Transfer Guide and graduate you with the same number of hours as our native students in the same major (assuming you do not change majors). If you have printed out an AGSC Approved Transfer guide for Secondary Education - English/ Language Arts, we would strongly recommend that you print this page and use it along with your AGSC guide. Our Colleges/Departments have chosen those courses which would best fit into USA's existing General Studies Program. To minimize transfer problems and best prepare you to finish your program in the minimum hours required, you should take courses as outlined below. Thanks again for choosing the University of South Alabama.

Secondary Education - English/ Language Arts Area V Professional Studies Required Courses

The following courses are required for the degree in Secondary Education - English/ Language Arts at the University of South Alabama. These courses are in addition to the courses listed on the STARS guide that you accessed. These courses fulfill degree requirements in Area V of the Alabama General Studies Core Curriculum and may be taken at your community college.

Please refer to the STARS guide for all requirements.  Also note: Only one half of the credit hours required for a degree may be transferred from a community college. While the total number of transfer hours will appear on the transcript, the academic department offering the major will determine how they may apply to the degree.


For more information regarding a degree in Secondary Education - English/ Language Arts at the University of South Alabama, please consult the USA Bulletin.

If you have questions about the Secondary Education - English/ Language Arts, please contact:

College of Education and Professional Studies
UCOM 3100
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL 36688-0002
Ph: (251) 380-2738

For questions about Transfer Admissions contact the Office of Admissions at (251) 460-6141 or  Admissions guidelines for transfer students can also be found on the Admissions web site.  For questions about transfer credit evaluations, contact the Office of the Registrar at (251) 460-6251 or

STARS Articulation Guide

Please print these pages. Fill in your name, signature, and today's date. Attach these pages to your STARS articulation guide.


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Area V Electives

Note the courses below satisfy the requirement for Area V electives mentioned in the Stars Guide.

Additional USA Required Courses     Alabama Community College Equivalent Courses  
AREA II - Total 12 Semester Hours:        
EH 215
EH 216
CA 110
DRA 110
    ENG 261
ENG 262
SPH 107

THR 120 or THR 126
AREA V - No More Than 23 Semester Hours        

EH 225
EH 226
EH 235
EH 236
CA 100 

PE 100
PE 101-157 Activity (1 hour)
ENG 251
ENG 252
ENG 271
ENG 272
SPH 106

PED 100
PED Activity