College of Nursing Area V Required Courses

The University of South Alabama's College of Nursing welcomes transfer students to our BSN program.  Students are accepted into the upper division Professional Nursing Component each semester (including summer). Students may submit an application while pre-requisite courses are still in progress, but pre-requisites must be completed before admission to the Professional Component. Admission to the Professional Component is competitive based on GPA on prerequisite courses.  Criteria for admission are as follows:  

  1. Submission of completed application by deadline
  2. Payment of $50.00 non-refundable application fee
  3. Minimum GPA of 2.75 in all pre-requisite courses
  4. Minimum USA GPA of 2.5
  5. Minimum of "C" in all pre-requisites
  6. Submission of health data form and evidence of health insurance as specified in application
  7. Evidence of CPR certification as specified in application
  8. Admission is contingent upon a negative drug screen and acceptable background check.

About six months before you finish prerequisite courses, you will need to submit an Application to the College of Nursing for the Professional Component. The application for the BSN program can be found here. 

A $50.00 non-refundable application fee must accompany your application before it will be processed. You may mail your application and fee to us, or you may bring it by the College of Nursing.

Application deadlines for the USA College of Nursing Professional Component are as follows:

  • Applications for fall semester are due March 15
  • Applications for spring semester are due July 15
  • Applications for summer semester are due January 15

In addition to the College of Nursing Professional Component Application, transfer and second-degree seeking students will also need to submit an application for admission to the University through the USA Admissions office.  The USA Admissions application can be downloaded here.  Students who have been previously enrolled at USA but have not attended classes for one term (excluding summer term) will need to reapply to the university through the Registrar's Office. Applications for readmission are located on the Registrar's Office website located here.

We encourage you to visit our website for additional information located at

Please print these pages. Fill in your name, signature, and today's date. Attach these pages to your STARS articulation guide.

Name (print): Last:
Signature:   ________________________________________________________


Remember that although more than 64 semester hours may be taught at the freshman/ sophomore level and thus listed as possibilities on the STARS guides and this Area V page, you MAY NOT transfer more than 64 semester hours from a junior or community college. You should take no more than 64 semester hours at the two-year institution.

When you have finished reviewing these Area V requirements, please visit the University of South Alabama Undergraduate Admissions Page for more information about transferring to USA and applying to the University.

Note: The following courses are required for the degree in Nursing at the University of South Alabama. These courses are in addition to the courses listed on the STARS guide that you accessed. These courses fulfill degree requirements in Area V of the Alabama General Studies Core Curriculum and may be taken at your community college.

Nursing majors must complete all general education course requirements including the following:
Area III must include a course in Biology with a lab and a course in Inorganic chemistry with a lab
Area IV must include a general psychology course
Area V requirements Anatomy and Physiology I
Anatomy and Physiology II
Microbiology with a Lab
Economics course
Intro to Computing course or passing a computer competency exam.

For more information regarding the degree in Nursing at the University of South Alabama, please consult the USA Bulletin.