Institutional Information

Codes and Numbers
SAM Unique Entity ID - expires 12/13/2023 QB12VPNQQFE8
DUNS Number (Data Universal Numbering System) 172750234
EIN or TIN (Employer/Taxpayer ID Number) 63-0477348
CAGE Code (Commercial & Governmental Entity Code) 1NZ96
Human Subjects FWA (Federal-wide Assurance) expires 10/16/2023 00001602
IACUC Animal Welfare Assurance number (Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee) A3288-01
Congressional District AL-001
OPE Number (Office of Post-Secondary Education) 00105700
IPEDS Code (Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System) 102094
NAICS Classification Code (North American Industry Classification System) 611310
NSF Fastlane Awardee Code (National Science Foundation) 0010579000
NIH Institutional Profile Number (National Institutes of Health) 130401
DHHS EIN number (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services) 1630477348A1


Institutional Official Contacts
Applicant Legal Name University of South Alabama
Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR)* Ms. Lynne U. Chronister, Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Contact Address

Office for Research & Economic Development

University of South Alabama

307 N. University Blvd., AD 200

Mobile, AL, 36688-0002

Phones & Email Address

Phone: (251) 460-6333

Fax: (251) 460-7955

**Use "awards" for proposals in lieu of the VP's personal email address

Contact for Pre-Award Negotiation & Post-Award Administrative Issues

Ms. Gina Hedberg, Executive Director

Sponsored Projects Administration, AD 200

(251) 460-7888

**Use "spaagreements"for agreements in lieu of the Executive Director's personal email address

Contact Person for Financial Administration

Ms. Polly Stokley, Vice President

Finance & Administration, AD 300

(251) 461-1403  

**Use "ogca" for proposals in lieu of the Assistant VP's personal email address


*Official who is designated to give assurances, make commitments, and execute such documents on behalf of the University of South Alabama as may be required by federal and state sponsors and other organizations which provide financial assistance to the University. The signature of an authorized official certifies that commitments made on grant proposals can be honored; and ensures that all sponsored agreements conform to federal regulations, sponsor guidelines, and University policies.