▼   What is FYC?
First Year Council consists of a diverse group of first year student leaders striving to make other students first year experience at South extraordinary. Working hang in hand with SGA, FYC empowers first years and help them grow as leaders. Through FYC first year students are given a voice. Lasting connections with key administration officials, SGA members, and your fellow classmates are cultivated by FYC. Forming new friendships with fellow first years and being put on track to become a dynamic student leader are outcomes provided by FYC. First Year Council’s goal is to empower, encourage, and connect.
▼   What does FYC do?
First Year Council provides first-year students with a voice. In the Student Government Association (SGA), FYC is the branch with a sole purpose of making sure first-year students understand that their voice matters on campus. FYC consists of committees including Student Relations, Student Engagement, Campus Safety and Improvement, Public Relations, and Governmental Relations. Within those committees, the members work on various projects to improve student interaction, civic engagement, and promote the general welfare of first-year students here at the University of South Alabama. 
▼   How can I get involved with FYC?
Applications are made available a few weeks prior to the fall semester. These applications close a few weeks after the start of the fall semester. Applications are on our FYC portal, once applications are available, we will post the link. For everyone who wishes to voice their issues/ideas or see how FYC works, you can participate as Student Form during the weekly meetings. Student Form is any student outside of the council who comes to the meeting. To be part of student form, all you must do is come to the meeting, no pre-requisites are required. There is a section of the meeting where student form is given the opportunity to speak if they wish to.
▼   How can I contact FYC?

Follow us on our social media accounts!

Facebook: USA First Year Council

Instagram: USA_FYC

Twitter: USA_FYC

Snapchat: USA_FYC

You can also reach us at our email address: fyc@southalabama.edu

▼   When and where does FYC have meetings?

First Year Council holds meetings every Thursday in the Student Center room 203 at 6:00pm. There, students can sit in on the student forum to listen and discuss concerns.

▼   Do I have to be a freshman to be in FYC?

The answer is no, you do not have to be a freshman to be a part of this amazing organization, FYC. FYC is open to all first-year students at the university. Whether you are a transfer student, starting college after a gap year or a true freshman, this is perfect for you! We want to welcome you here!