42nd Annual Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium

Zoogeomorphology and Ecosystem Engineering
University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama
October 21 - 23, 2011

Tentative list of invited speakers and their topics

Keynote Speaker: Clive G. Jones
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Ecosystem engineering

Keynote Speaker: Heather Viles
Oxford University

Microorganisms and geomorphology

Robert Beschta and William J. Ripple
Oregon State University

The role of large predators in shaping river morphology

David R. Butler
Texas State University

The significance of zoogeomorphology in an era of rapid climate change

Paul DeVries

Salmon as geomorphic agents

Gary Haynes
University of Nevada-Reno

Mammoths and elephants as earth-movers and landscape engineers

Joseph Hupy
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Modern warfare as a significant form of disturbance upon the zoogeomorphic landscape

Al Kinlaw

The fractal nature of animal burrows in the Florida sandhills and the resulting geomorphologic consequences

Joyce Lundberg
Carleton University

The geomorphic impacts of cave bats

Azra Meadows, John Murray, and Peter Meadows
University of Glasgow

Biological modifiers of benthic seascapes

Greg Nagle
Cornell University

Cattle as geomorphic agents

Larissa Naylor and Martin Coombs
University of Exeter

Colonizing organisms and material substrate

Carol Sawyer
University of South Alabama

Armadillo burrows in southern Alabama

Bernhard Statzner
University of Lyons

Geomorphological implications of bed-sediment engineering by stream animals

Walt Whitford, USDA-ARS Jornada, and David Eldridge,
University of New South Wales

Burrowing and burrow structures

Beryl Zaitlin and Masaki Hayashi
University of Calgary

Interactions between soil biota and the effects on small-scale geomorphological features


Conference organizers:

David R. Butler, Texas State University-San Marcos

Carol F. Sawyer, University of South Alabama



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