GY 112 Recent Grade Distribution
Dr. Douglas W. Haywick

General Comments about Grades: Okay, if you are visiting this page, you are wondering, how likely am I to get an A in Haywick's GY 112 class? It all depends on whether you plan on working/studying or "taking it easy". If you do an average amount of work, you will get an average grade (that's a C buy the way, not an A). If you work hard, study outside of the classroom and generally do "above average", you'll get an above average grade. One thing that strongly increases your performance in classes is attendance. My data shows that students that attend class, do much better than those that don't. The following graphics show this quite well. The first chart shows attendance versus grade received in terms of overall numbers (note that most students do attend class). The color scheme is pretty simple: green = good; yellow/orange = average; red = not so good).


GY 112 grades

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The next chart shows normalized data (in other words, it gives you the % of students receiving A, B, C, D or F grades for each attenance division (e.g., 0-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8+). It also shows you the total percentage of each grade for all of the students that have taken GY 112 over the past 6 or so years. There is no doubt here: if you don't show up to class, you will either fail or end up dropping it (WD). This is both a terrible waste of money and a terrible waste of your time (also a loss of money).

GY 112 grades (Click for larger image)

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So the bottom line is this: attend all lectures! Some of the material we discuss will not be in your textbook or available on line.. If you miss a class, you miss the material that might be on a test. Remember that in GY 112, attendance is assessed. You will be docked marks for not attending classes. Why do I do this (or as one student commented on, “Why do I treat you like “kids” instead of adults? Because I want you to not only pass GY 112, I want you to do well.


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