GY 302: Crystallography and Mineralogy  

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Dr. Douglas W. Haywick


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Lecture Videos voice-overs video available Note: most PowerPoint videos are 1 hour+ in length
Videos highlighted in green date from 2010. Updated (2011+) videos will be color coordinated with lectures with 72 hours of delivery.

0) Introductory material

14) Class V: Carbonates

1) Symmetry operations

15) Classes VI & VIII: Sulfates and Phosphates

2) Plane and Bravais Lattices

16) Poster preparation

3) Miller Indices, Point Groups

17) Class II:Ore Assessment

4) Stereonet projections

18) Olivine Group

5) Space Groups, Crystal Growth

19) Garnet Group

6) Polymorphs and Pseudomorphs

20) Soro & Cyclosilicates

7a) Optical Microscopy Part 1

21) Inosilicates 1 (Pyroxenes)

7b) Optical Microscopy Part 2

22) Inosilicates 2 (Amphiboles)

8) Class I: Native elements

23) Phyllosilicates 1 (Micas)

9) Class II: Sulphides

24) Phyllosilicates 2 (Clays)

10) Class II: Sulphides 2

25) Tektosilicates 1 (Quartz Group)

11) Class III: Oxides/Hydroxides 1

26) Tektosilicates 2 (Feldspars)

12) Class III Oxides/Hydroxides 2

27) Tektosilicates 3 (Zeolites)

13) Class IV: Halides

28) Final Exams Prep


Lecture Test 1 Material

Lecture Test 2 Material

Lecture Test 3 Material


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