MAS 603: Geological Oceanography

Dr. Douglas W. Haywick

Due Dates*

Mid-term Lecture exam (take home) Issued: Feb. 18 Due: Feb. 25
Final Lecture Exam none
Reading Assignments (Changes are highlighted)
Topic (Responsible Student)
Discussion Day
Caribbean Plate (Zeb) Wednesday January 23
Hydrothermal vents (Jaime) Monday January 28
Snowball Earth (Lucie) Monday February 4
Archean oceans (Robbie) Monday February 11
Proterozoic evolution (Isabella) Monday February 18
Sea water evolution (Lauren) Monday March 3
Paleoclimatology (Kelly) Monday March 17
Sea level changes (Steven) Wednesday March 19
Coral Reef Paleobiology (Nate) Monday March 24
Permian-Triassic mass extinction (Matt) Wednesday March 26
Marine Seismology 1: Side scan sonar (Riikki) Wednesday April 2
Marine seismology 3: TBA (Justin) Monday April 7
Isotope stratigraphy (Heather) Wednesday April 16
Marine seismology 2: BIFS (Kate) Monday April 21
Major Assignments
Earth History Term Paper**
Monday April 14

**There have been a lot of wild marine-geology events in Earth History, but, unfortunately, we will only be able to touch on a few of them. We will have to omit topics like asteroid-related mass extinctions (i.e., dino kill off), anoxic oceans, evaporated oceans, water from space, even natural nuclear reactors. I'd like you to choose any one event in Earth history (preferably one that you find incredibly interesting) and write a short report about it. The minimum requirements are: 1) it's geological in nature and marine at heart, 2) it's length does not exceed 20 pages and 3) you examined 10 or more peer reviewed references. It will be due the week prior to the end of classes. I will provided you with some possible subjects, but I am very open to anything that you can suggest. Can't think of something? Just ask me.

*All readings must be completed by the start of class (8:00 AM) on this day. Take-home exams and Earth history papers are due by 5:00 PM on this day.



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