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Douglas W. Haywick
Curriculum vitae

Associate Professor
- Geology (appointed Sept 1997)
Adjunct Appointment in Marine Sciences 
Graduate School Faculty Member 

Personal Data:

Telephone: +1 (251)-460-6381 
Fax: +1 (251)-461-1487
Birthdate: October 7, 1959 
Birth Place: Toronto, Canada 
Marital Status: Single

Educational and Professional Credentials

B.Sc. (Honours) -
May 1982
McMaster University Hamilton, Canada. [Geology\Chemistry],
Honours thesis title: Sedimentology of the Waipatiki-Belly River Transition and the Belly River Formation  (Upper Cretaceous) Near Ghost Dam, Alberta


M.Sc., March, 1985 Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada [Earth Sciences]
Dissertation: Dolomite Within the St. George Group (Lower Ordovician) Newfoundland
Ph.D., March, 1990 James Cook University, Townsville, Australia [Geology]
Dissertation: Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Palaeoecology and Diagenesis of the Petane Group (Plio-Pleistocene) in the Tangoio Block, Central Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
P.G. April 1997 Alabama Board of Licensure for Professional Geologists (Licence #326)


Chronology of Academic and Professional Appointments

1985-1988 (Part-time):
1982-1985 (Part-time):
1982 (May-Sept):
1981 (May-Sept):
1980 (May-Sept):
Associate Professor of Geology (University of South Alabama)
Assistant Professor of Geology (University of South Alabama)
Lecturer of Sedimentology, James Cook University, Australia
Teaching Assistant, James Cook University, Townsville, Aust.
Teaching Assistant, Memorial University
Petroleum Research Geologist, PetroCanada Inc., Calgary
Petroleum Exploration Geologist, PetroCanada Inc., Calgary
Field Geologist, McMaster University

Teaching Experience
Course Notes and Syllabi

Undergraduate courses taught at USA:
(Q- quarter system; to Summer 1998); S-semester system; from Fall 1998)
CAS 100: Freshman Seminar (S)
ES 492(H): Planetary Geology (S)
ES 497: Senior Thesis Prospectus
ES 498: Senior Thesis
ES 499(H): Honors Senior Thesis
GY 100: Concepts of Environmental Geology (Q)
GY 101: Earth Materials  (Q)
GY 102: Earth Processes (Q)
GY 111: Earth Materials (S)
GY 112: Earth History (S)
GY 201: Environmental Geology (Q)
GY 232: Mineralogy (Q)
GY 305: Geophysics (team taught with J. Connors) (S)
GY/GEO 310: Environmental Earth Sciences (team taught with M. Fearn) (S)
GY 311: Applied Environmental Geology (S)
GY 340: Sedimentation (Q)
GY 342: Crystallography and Mineralogy (S)
GY 344: Sedimentary Petrology (S)
GY 440: Thin-section Manufacturing (S)
GY 444: Sedimentary Geology (S)
GY 492: Seminar; Earth History for Teachers (S)
GY 492: Seminar: Tropical Storms (team taught with M. Rearn & S. Kimball (S)
GY 494: Directed Studies (S)
GY 496: Internship (S)

Graduate courses taught at USA:
(Q- quarter system; to Summer 1998); S-semester system; from Fall 1998)
GY 544: Sedimentary Geology (S)
GY 592: Special Topics; Carbonate Geology (Q, S)
MAS 603: Geological Oceanography (S)

Professional Development Activities

Short Courses and Workshops Attended:
Milankovitch Sea-level Changes, Cycles and Reservoirs on Carbonate Platforms in Greenhouse and Icehouse Worlds, Society for Sedimentary Geology Short Course 35, St. Petersburg, FL, August 1995

Environmental Law Seminar, Uni. South Alabama Continuing Education Course, June 1996 

GIS Workshop, American Association of Petroleum Geologists Sponsored Short Course, April 1997

NSF Fast Track Grant Writing Seminars, University of South Alabama Office of Sponsored Programs, October, 1996; April 1997

Sequence Stratigraphy Field Course, Utah, Geological Society of America Filed Course, Salt Lake City, UT, Oct 1997

Smackover carbonate reservoir characterization and modeling: an integrated approach, Petroleum Technology Transfer Council Workshop, Jackson, MS, March 4, 1998

Reef Characterization: key to successful petroleum exploration and production, Petroleum Technology Transfer Council Workshop, Tuscaloosa, AL May 7, 1998

Smackover Carbonates of Southwest Alabama, Petroleum Technology Transfer Council Workshop, Tuscaloosa, AL, Sept 23, 1998

NSF CAREER Grant Recipients Workshop, National Sciences Foundation, Washington D.C., Jan 10-12, 1999

Storm water and Smart Growth Management Workshop, Faulkner State Community College, Fairhope, AL, Dec 2004

Sequence stratigraphy: A review and lock forward. International Sedimentological Congress, Fukuoka, Japan, August, 2006

Unzen Volcano Field excursion. International Sedimentological Congress, Fukuoka, Japan, August, 2006

Geology of Bavaria, Germany and the KTB Bohrung Deep Bore Site (field excursion). GeoSciED V, Bayreauth, Germany, Sept 2006.

OLL Workshop; Working with Dreamweaver, University of South Alabama, January 25, 2007

Seismic Interpretation in the Exploration Domain, Society for Exploration Geophysics, Houston, TX, Feb 12-13, 2007

Conference Sessions Chaired

1997  Geology Section, Alabama Academy of Sciences Annual meeting, Montgomery,   Alabama

Undergraduate Research Activities, Geological Society of America, Southeastern Section meeting, Auburn, AL 

1998 Earth Science Section, Alabama Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting, Mobile, Alabama
1999 Origins of carbonate mounds: crossing the divides of  sedimentology, diagenesis and paleoecology, Geological Society of America  Annual Meeting, Denver, CO (With D. Kopaska-Merkel as co-chair)

Innovative Applications of GIS, SE Geological Society of America Meeting, Charleston SC, (with David Allison as co-chair)


2003 Human Versus Natural Influences on Holocene Sedimentation in Estuaries, Harbors, and Marginal Marine Ecosystems, Geological Society of America  Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA (with Mimi Fearn as co-chair) [13 poster presentations]

Geoscience Education – Undergraduate, Joint NE/SE Geological Society of America  Regional Meeting, Washington, DC (with Parvender Sethi and Richard Gottfried as co-chairs) [11 oral and 11 poster presentations]



K-16 Earth Science Education: Teaching Geology in a Shifting Socio-environmental Environment, SE Geological Society of America Meeting, Biloxi, MS



Current Status of K-12 Science Standards and Earth Science Education in the Southeast , SE Geological Society of America Regional Meeting, Knoxville TN (With Ben Tanner as co-chair) [10 oral presentations]


Volumes Edited

Carbonate Mounds: sedimentation, organismal response, and diagenesis, Sedimentary Geology, V145, No. 3-5; December 15, 2001 (With D. Kopaska-Merkel as co-editor)


Executive Positions, Regional and National Organizations:
Past Chair, Geology Section of the Alabama Academy of Sciences (1996-97); SEPM K-12 Earth Science Education Committee (National body of Society for Sedimentary Geology 1992-1995); President Southeastern National Association of Geological Teachers (SENAGT; 2004-2005), Treasurer, Alabama Imaging and Microscopy Association (AIMS; 2001-
2007); Treasurer, Southwestern Alabama Geological Society (SWAGS; 2002 - present); Councilor for the SE, Eastern Section of the SEPM (2006-present)

Professional Associations:
Geological Society of America, Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, Society of Sedimentary Petrologists (SEPM), International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS); National Association of Geology Teachers (NAGT);  Alabama Geological Society (AGS); Sou
thwestern Alabama Geological Society (SWAGS); Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG); Sigma Xi; American Geophysical Union (AGU)

Research Activities
Present Research Interests and Student Participation Opportunitiess
Conference Presentations

Successful & Pending Research Grant Activity

1991 Mechanisms of Biologically Influenced Mineralization. NSF/EPSCoR Program, 1992-1995. $175,431.00 Co-PI. (Program PI: S. Sikes; Personal grant amount $12,000.00).
1992 Travel Grant to Washington, D.C. NSF/EPSCoR Program, $900.00 PI 

Application of Cathodoluminescence in Geology: A Training Experience for Undergraduate Science Majors. NSF (ILI Program) $33,685.00 PI.

1993 Dolomitization and Diagenesis of Lower Paleozoic Carbonate Strata of the Cahaba River Basin, Bibb County, Central Alabama. USARC $2660.00 PI 

Scientific Visualization using and IBM RISC 6000 Graphics Workstation. Alabama NSF EPSCoR Equipment Matching Grant Program $90,370.00 Co-PI

1994 Lithification of Tertiary sediments in the Weeks Bay watershed: its causes and its impact on the cultural history of Baldwin County, Weeks Bay Fellowship Program, $750.00 PI
1995 Dedolomitization within the Smackover Formation, Appleton Oil Field, Escambia County, Alabama: a petrographic and geochemical study of an enigmatic process. Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Finacial Aid to Students Program; $1,000.00 PI 

Control of coral skeleton physical characteristics for use in reconstructive bone surgery. Alabama\Mississippi Sea Grant. Co-investigator with E. Mueller as P.I., $44,058.00 (personal grant amount: $3000.00) 

Aragonite crystallography and diagenesis: an old problem viewed at a new scale, NSF (CAREER Program) $59,999.00  PI

1996 Assessing sediment assimilation rate and mineral preference during assimilation in the colonial zoanthid Palythoa spp. USARC$4,376.50 PI
1997 Young Investigator Award, University of Alabama EPSCoR Program $11,000.00 PI, (Program PI: Earnest Mancini)
1998 Smackover Formation Diagenesis and Reservoir Character; ADECA Petroleum Transfer Award $8,000.00 PI, (Program PI: Earnest Mancini)

Travel Grant to New Zealand. National Science Foundation Division of International Studies, $1,200.00 PI

Holocene sedimentary history of Weeks Bay, AL: human and natural impacts on deposition in a Gulf Coast estuary $142,000 PI

1999 Determination of Recent Sedimentation Rates in Dog River by use of Fallout Cs137 Markers; EPA ACES; Co-PI (with Justin Saunders as PI), $60,000

EPSCoR Internet II University Equipment Proposal; Participant with David Feinstein as PI; $419,000; personal award amount 10,000.00

Changes in water conditions and sedimentation rates assocated with construction of the Mobile Bay Causeway; EPA ACES; Co-PI (with Mimi Fearn as PI), $70,562.00

Production of petrographic thin-sections for the Geological Survey of Alabama (Contract); GSA; PI; $1440.00


2003 Geological and archaeological characterization of important south Alabama lithic resources for the manufacture of chipped-stone tools; Alabama Historical Commission, $18,803 PI (with Phil Carr)


2004 Temperate limestone in New Zealand

; A&S Support and Development Award; $375.00 PI



Improving career pathways for geology majors: Instructor training in geophysical technology. A & S Support and Development Award (with Jim Connors); $1935.00


Current Committee Assignments

Regional\National Organizations:  Treasurer; SW Section of the Alabama Geological Society (SWAGS); Councilor for the SE, Eastern Section of the SEPM
University & College Member-- USA Campaign Leadership Team; Member-- Academic Policy Committee; Member-- USA Athletic Council; Departmental Representative-- 2006 Alumni Fund; Full Membership in the Graduate School; Member, Faculty Awards Committee; Member, Archeology Museum Committee.
Departmental -
Earth Sciences
Member, Tenure Committee, Library and Textbook and evaluation Committees, Ad hoc Departmental Curator and Geology Scholarships Coordinator; Chair, Geology Assessment Committee; Member: Curriculum Committee; Ad hoc Departmental Safety Person; Geology Website Coordinator; Faculty Advisor for 19 undergraduate students (as of Jan 2007).
Departmental -
Marine Sciences
Library and Textbook Committee (chair); Nelson Award Committee
Community Member, Geological Society of America PEP (Partners for Education Program); Community talks to Southwestern Geological Society, area middle and high schools and church groups; Expanding Your Horizons Workshop, Nov 2006; High School and Middle schools Science Olympiad Events Coordinator (February 2007); Science Fair Judge, 2007, Alabama Rocks! Geology Teacher training session for Mobile County (October, 2006) and Baldwin County (twice in December 2006); Mobile Rock and Gem Show participation (Nov 2006)
Department of Earth Sciences
University of South Alabama 
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