Geoscience Australia (An Australian Government information site)

Australian Geology (Includes hundreds of links to important sites)
Adelaide University (Geology links and education sites)

University Geology Departments (Links to the geology departments of 26 major universities)

Australian Universities (Geology departments listed in alphabetical order and by state)
Natural Resources and Environment (A government info page with geologic survey)

New South Wales
Department of Mineral Resources (A government information page on New South Wales)
Geology of South Wales (Links of areas and points of interest)


Northern Territory
Geology of the Northern Territory (Links of areas and points of interest)
Northern Territory Geologic Survey (A government information page)


Geology of Queensland (Links of areas and points of interest)
Late Triassic Volcanism (A thorough study of volcanoes in Queensland)
Geoscience Information (Includes links to information hotline and area surveys)


South Australia
Geology of South Australia (Links of areas and points of interest)
Earthquakes in South Australia (Includes records and info on the earthquake monitoring network)


Geology of Tasmania (Links of areas and points of interest)
Northern Tasmania (Structural History)


Geology of Victoria (Links of areas and points of interest)
Mornington Peninsula (Includes maps and reference information about Victoria)


Western Australia

Geology of Western Australia (Links of areas and points of interest)

Western Australia (Includes geologic survey and interactive maps)


New Zealand
Geological Society of New Zealand
New Zealand Minerals (Includes geologic map)
New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics 2001
New Zealand Basic Information
Plate Tectonics (Includes maps, history and links)
Geologic Links (Includes Universities and volcanic info)
Matt's New Zealand Page (Includes pictures of NZ's volcanoes)
NZ Coal Overview (Studies of coal deposits by region)
Rock and Mineral Clubs (Includes some international links)
Search New Zealand (A NZ search engine)
Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences (Includes info about volcanic activity, earthquakes
plate motion and mineral resources)

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