General South American Information (A website with maps, facts and figures)

Andean Tectonics ( A thorough study of plate tectonics including historical info and maps)



Geolisting (General geologic info about Argentina) (More general info about Argentina)

Geologic Map


Bolivia (General info about Bolivia)
Geologic Map of Bolivia
Andes Geology Page (A collegiate webpage discussing varying sectors of the Andes in Bolivia)


Brazil (Basic info about the country)
Geology of Brazil (More general info with map and geomorphology) (Even more general info about Brazil)
Large Geologic Map
Amazon Mineral Explorers (Includes links concerning Brazilian geology and minerals)


Geologic Map of Chile
Chilean Travel Page (A government info page discussing geological activities)
Central Andes (General info including overview and topographical maps)
Chili's Volcanoes (Includes pictures and info on Chili's 9 main volcanoes)


Learning Network: Fact Monster (Basic info about Columbia)
Geologic Map


Ecuador (Basic info about Ecuador) (More basic info about Ecuador)
Geologic Map
Maps of Ecuador


Falkland Islands
Flora & Fauna (Gives temperature, rainfall, plant & animal types...)


French Guiana
About French Guiana (Includes map and basic info) (More basic info about French Guiana) (Includes detailed basic information)
Geologic Map


Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands (Basic geologic information)
Galapagos Geology (Includes history and climate)
Interactive map of the Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Online (Includes volcanic activity and plate tectonics)


Guyana (Geologic overview. Also has basic info on main page) (More basic info about Guyana) (Includes detailed basic information)
Geologic Map


Paraguay (Basic info on Paraguay including people and government)
Geologic Map


Peru (Basic info about Peru)
Satellite and Geologic map images
Destination Peru (Detailed basic info about Peru)
Geologic Map


Suriname (Basic info about Suriname)
Suriname Resources (Detailed info about Suriname including geography and infrastructure)
Geologic Map


Destination Uruguay (Detailed basic information about Uruguay) (More basic info about Uruguay)
Detailed Geologic Map (In Spanish)
Geologic Map


Geology of Northeastern Venezuela (Basic info about Venezuela)
Geologic Map

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