Society for Sedimentary Geology

Web Resources for Sedimentary Geologists
Websties of interest

Arizona Sedimentary Geology and Paleontology Resource
Information on fossil sites, geologic formations

Freeware from Sedimentary Geology at Penn State
Links to software 

Sedimentary Geology
Access to the full text of this journal is temporarily free

The Journal of the International Association of Sedimentologist

USGS Bedform Sedimentology Site
Images of bedforms and crossbedding

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
General Interest

Coastal Geology Group
Coastal sedimentology and environmental evolution

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
various links

Journal of Sedimentary Research
Abstracts and other information

Sedimentological Society of Egypt
General interest

Lists the size and classification

Textures and Structures of Sedimentary Rocks
Pictures of the textures and structures

Sedimentology of the Purbeck Evaporites
Geology of the Dorset Coast

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