Volcanoes:  Can We Predict Volcanic Eruptions?
general interest

Volcanoes:  Online
database, games, comics

Volcanoes of the World
movie clips, current eruptions

Lava Flows
A USGS information page with photos

Volcano World
Information on active and dormant volcanoes of the world

view volcanoes in action

The Volcano Information Center
general volcanology

Types of Volcanic Eruptions
eruption styles

The Volcano WebQuest
general interest

The Electric Volcano
information on active volcanoes

Earth's Active Volcanoes
clickable map of active volcanoes

real time monitoring of New Zealand Volcanos (web cams)

Japanese Volcanos Information
a very comprehensive of recent volcanic eruptions in Japan

Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page
maps and other information

Nordic Volcanology Institute
research and training in volcanology and related fields

Geology of Hawaii
general interest

Volcanic Animations
animations, sounds and movies


Earthquake Activity
When, Where, and how big page from the USAGS

The World - Wide Earthquake Locator
tracks seismic events

Virtual Earthquakes
interactive tutorial

Earthquake Movie:  Savage Earth

Earthquake Safety Guide
Find out what to do before, during and after

Earthquake Prediction
Information pages of the Pacific Northwest Seismography Network  

Understanding Earthquakes
general interest

Information on Earthquakes
various useful links

Every Place has its Faults
animated fault page

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