At first, I was not keen on the idea of including a personal page on my web site. However, it seems that students like to be able to learn something about their instructors before they take classes from them. I suppose this makes sense. Had I known what Dr. Schlotsky (Physics 1) was like when I was a student (long before the Net was around!), I never would have taken his class. Any way, this page is for those of you who are curious about me and my life outside of the sacred halls of the Life Sciences Building.

My main focus in research is sedimentology, particularly carbonate deposition and diagenesis. As a professor, I enjoy teaching, but I always seek opportunities to work with students in research, giving them the experience that may be useful when pursuing possible jobs or higher education.

When away from the classroom and lab, I enjoy walks with my dog, foreign films, good food and wine. For more information, feel free to browse or to contact me by e-mail. Ta!