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A) Peer-Reviewed Journal articles       (Chronological order)

Haywick, D.W. and James, N.P., 1984: Dolomites and dolomitization of the Lower Ordovician St. George Group of western Newfoundland. in Current Research, Part A, Geological Survey of Canada, paper 84-1A, p531-536. 


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Bologna , P.A.X., and Haywick, D.W., 2002. Assessment of Seagrass Plant Demography Within and Among Beds of Turtle Grass (Thalassia testudinum), Manatee Grass (Syringodium filiforme) , and Shoal Grass (Halodule wrightii) From the Northern Gulf of Mexico.  Gulf of Mexico Science, 20 135-150.


Haywick, D.W. and Kopaska-Merkel D. (in press). Diagenesis of a carbonate mound within the Upper Mississippian Bangor Limestone of Alabama Carbonates and Evaporites

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B) Peer-reviewed Guide books 
Walker, R.G. and Haywick, D.W., 1982: Belly River Formation at Ghost Dam, Bow River, Alberta. in R.G. Walker (ed.) Excursion 21A. Clastic Units of the Front Ranges, Foothills and Plains in the Area Between Field B.C. and Drumheller, Alberta, 11th International Congress on Sedimentation, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON. 
Lerand, M.M., Haywick, D.W. and Walker, R.G., 1983: Sedimentology of the lowermost Brazeau (Belly River) at Ghost Dam. Field Trip Guidebook 7, Sedimentology of Jurassic and Upper Cretaceous Marine and Non-marine Sandstone, Bow Valley. Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Conference, Calgary Alberta. May 8-11. 
Hummell, Richard L. and Haywick, Douglas W., (1996). Coastal Deposition and Ecosystems of Alabama. Alabama Geological Society Field Guide, 140p. 

C) Other Field Trip Guides (non-reviewed)
Haywick, D.W., 2004. Geology and Hydrology of the Alabama Gulf Coast. Alabama Geological Society Field Guide, 41 st Annual Field Trip, 94 p.

Haywick, D.W., 2004. On the Beach: Geology and Ecology of a Barrier Island System. Southeastern National Association of Geoscience Teachers, Southeastern Geological Society of America Meeting, Biloxi, MS, March 19, 2005, 25p. 


D) University Lab Manuals

Babb, R. and Haywick, D.W. 1996. Techniques in Geology Series 1: Thin-section Manufacturing Laboratory Manual for GY 440. University of South Alabama Bookstore Publication, 11pp


Haywick, D.W., 2001. Earth Materials: A Laboratory Manual for Students in GY 111. University of South Alabama, 128p.


Haywick D. W., Yokel, L. and Connors, J, 2004. Earth History: A Laboratory Manual for Students in GY 112. University of South Alabama, 162p


Haywick, D.W., 2066. Manual of Pipette and Sieve Particle Analysis. University of South Alabama Bookstore Publication, 35pp.


E) Reports to Societies, Educational and other Publications
      * - indicates peer reviewed
Geers, W.F and Haywick, D.W., 1993. Sedimentology of the Newala Limestone Formation, River Bend, Bibb County, Alabama Report to the Cahaba River Society. 46pp. 
Haywick, D.W. 1993a. Appendix B: Sediment Analysis of Auger Tests 17 and 63. In D.E. Silvia and G. A. Waselkov, Roads to the Past: Phase II Archaeological Research and Testing Prior to Interstate-10 Revisions in Mobile, Alabama. Center for Archaeological Studies, University of South Alabama, p175-187
*Haywick, D.W., 1993b. Ground Liquefaction: A Demonstration of Building Designs and Soil Strength During Earthquakes. In S.G. Stover and R. H. Macdonald (eds). On The Rocks: Earth Science Activities for Grades 1 - 8. Society for Sedimentary Geology, Tulsa, OK p35-37. ISBN 1-56576-005-0 
*Haywick, D.W., 1993c. Mass Wasting and the Angle of Repose: An Activity Illustrating How Slope Affects Landslide Potential. In S.G. Stover and R. H. Macdonald (eds). On The Rocks: Earth Science Activities for Grades 1 - 8. Society for Sedimentary Geology, Tulsa, OK p48-50. ISBN 1-56576-005-0 
Haywick, D.W., Geers, W.F. & Cooper, M.D., 1994. Preliminary Report of Grain Size Distribution in Weeks Bay, Baldwin County, Alabama. Report 1, Weeks Bay Estuarine Reserve, 121pp 
Clark, M. and Haywick, D.W., 1995. Rocks and Minerals: an introductory laboratory manual for students in GY 101. University of South Alabama Bookstore Publication 52p.
Haywick, D.W., 1995b. Grain size analysis of sediment samples collected by the Alabama Museum of Natural History. Gulf Coast Survey, Alabama Museum of Natural History, Tuscaloosa, AL 
*Haywick, D.W., and David Kopaska-Merkel (1996). Careers in Sedimentary Geology: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions. Information Brochure For the Society of Sedimentary Geology.
Haywick, D.W. and Geers, W. (1997). Sedimentary geology study of the CSXT Gautier, Mississippi property. Confidential Report to TAI Environmental Inc., 23 p
Haywick, D.W., 1999. Smackover Reserve Diagenesis. Petroleum Technology Transfer Council Workshop, Tuscaloosa, AL, 14p.
Haywick, D.W. 2000. Fossil Fuels (Case Box 13.1). In Montgomery, C.W. Environmental Geology. 5th edition. WCB/McGraw Hill, (ISBN 0-07-230140-6), p 307

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