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Learn about the myriad uses of technology in organizational settings while taking a detailed look into computing systems and how to use them to solve problems. Our information systems program blends information technology and business, plus interpersonal skills.

Jobs in Information Systems

  • Application developer
  • Data specialist
  • Systems analyst
  • Project manager
  • Information systems manager

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Business Focus Draws Programmer To Information Systems 

Spencer Plasse

Long interested in computers (partly because his father is in that field), Spencer Plasse gravitated toward his major because he wanted to go beyond programming.

“I looked at the degrees at South, and information systems really caught my eye because it had a focus on not just the hardware but also business,” he said. “It teaches management practices and design. So it provided a really good overview for the area of development that I wanted to go into, which is web development.”

Plasse grew up in Mobile, so the University of South Alabama’s “very reputable computing program” drew his attention. He got a scholarship because of his high college admission test score, plus scholarships specifically for computing students.

Once at South, he learned about the internship program. “They have a lot of internships on campus, with teams of students and professors, and they’re generally research projects,” he said. “So you get to gain actual work experience with a team while you’re in school. I think that’s probably the most valuable thing that I’ve done here.”


“ You get to gain actual work experience with a team while you’re in school. I think that’s probably the most valuable thing that I’ve done here.”


Upon graduation, Plasse expected to go right into the workforce, preferably with a company that’s in the Mobile area or that would let him work remotely from Mobile. “I’m leaving the graduate school option open for the future. I think I’d like to teach, maybe later on in life. But for now I just want to stick with the bachelor’s degree.”

Eventually, he’d like to go into business for himself. “I’ve always been interested in game development, and I’m a musician as well,” he said. He plays the piano and composes what he called “video game-style music.” So he’s thought about developing software for producing or recording music.

“That combination of music and development would be my dream.”

Did You Know?

  • The School of Computing offers many departmental scholarship opportunities. All of our scholarships may be added on top of any general University scholarships.
  • The Bachelor of Science in information systems program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.
  • The School of Computing offers an accelerated bachelor’s to master’s program in information systems; undergraduate students typically complete their master’s degree within a year after graduation. 



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Department of Information Systems and Technology
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