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The music major at South prepares students musically, academically and professionally to excel in the areas of instrumental or choral music education or performance as well as music business or music in association with other academic fields.

Jobs in Music

  • Music educator
  • Professional singer
  • Professional orchestra or band musician
  • Music producer
  • Arts administrator

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Trombonist’s College Career Goes in Unexpected Directions

Destiny Miskel

Majoring in music at the University of South Alabama taught Destiny Miskel something about herself. Surrounded by top-quality musicians, both faculty and fellow students, “I’ve found that I really, really like working on something hard — and the feeling of getting to the point where I can actually play something really hard pretty well.”

Miskel plays trombone. She comes from a musical family. “I wanted to play something that nobody in my immediate family had played,” she said. “And the trombone is just really interesting to me because it works differently from any other wind instrument.”

She originally thought she might become a high school band director. “Now, coming into college and taking lessons every week, really diving into practice, I realized how much I really like playing.” She also developed an unanticipated interest in music theory. She began considering a more performance-oriented career — maybe getting a doctorate and teaching in college while playing in a local band or orchestra. (Classical music is her favorite. “I also really love marching band.”)


“It surprised me just how personable and open and relatable all the faculty are.”


That shift in plans wasn’t the only unexpected part of her university experience. Even though she was familiar with South because her mother and both sisters attended, “It surprised me just how personable and open and relatable all the faculty are,” she said. “I feel like I could talk to any of them in the hallway.”

She played in the Jaguar Marching Band, in wind, brass and jazz concert groups, and in musicales presented by her local chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, an international women’s music fraternity. “They kind of brought me out of my shell,” she said.

“Most of my friends come from the music department. I hang out with them, get to collaborate with them, talk to them in the hallway and play in ensembles with them. It’s just really fun.”

Did You Know?

  • Students have the opportunity to perform with a professional symphony orchestra and opera company. Twenty-five-plus on-campus ensembles also provide performance opportunities.
  • Participation in the Jaguar Marching Band provides excellent experience for future band directors as well as scholarship and leadership opportunities.
  • Students who gain admittance to the University can apply to be accepted into the music program, where world-class faculty provide instruction, mentorship and networking.


Dr. Laura Moore
Department of Music
(251) 460-6361

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