Video Audition Application

Important Note

In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, all auditions for the USA Department of Music will be submitted by video.  Please click here to see the amended audition requirements for video auditions.

If you have any questions during the video audition process we are here to help!  Please contact Mr. Matthew Greenwood, Audition Coordinator for any questions you might have about the audition application process.

Step 1 - Apply to the University of South Alabama

All students must be admitted by the date of their audition to be considered for admission into the Department of Music and/or the Jaguar Marching Band. 



Step 2 - Fill out the Audition Request Form 

To start the audition process for admission to the USA Department of Music you should fill out the Audition Request Form below.  This form indicates your desire to audition for the USA Department of Music and/or Jaguar Marching Band.  Once you have submitted your Audition Request Form you can submit your video audition in the next step!

NOTE FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS:  All graduate applicants for the Department of Music should visit the Department of Music Graduate Requirements Page for graduate student application instructions. 


(Note: Your video audition will not be processed until you have been admitted to the University of South Alabama)

Step 3 - Submit your Video Audition

Please read the specific requirements for Video Auditions by clicking here!

Step 4 - Fill out JagSpot for Scholarship Consideration

All prospective music students seeking a scholarship from the Department of Music and/or the Jaguar Marching Band must be fully admitted to the University of South Alabama in order to be considered for a scholarship.  

When submitting your general scholarship application please click "yes" to the question regarding the USA Department of Music/Jaguar Marching Band.  This will then move you to the Department of Music/Jaguar Marching Band JagSpot Application.  Please fill out this short application completely.  Once you have submitted this information you are eligible for scholarship consideration! 

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