Student Instrument Check-out Procedures

Department of Music Instruments for Ensembles and Studio:

  1. Any student needing to check out a Department of Music instrument for use in Wind Ensemble, Symphony Band, University Band, or Jazz Band may do so at the designated time during JMB Band Camp or during the first week of classes. If a student is not participating in the JMB they can complete the Instrument Check-Out Google form (on the Student Resources tab of the department website) to make the request, allowing a two day lead time. If needed, Dr. Petersen will confirm the request with their applied professor. The instrument will be available for pick-up at the Music Office (Laidlaw 1072) during designated hours.
  2. Any student wishing to check out a specialty instrument (i.e. bass flute, E-flat trumpet, alto trombone, etc.) or any other Department of Music instrument for studio use must contact the studio professor who will grant approval. The studio faculty member must complete the Instrument Check-Out Google form, allowing a full working day lead time. After the instrument loan approval has been received, the instrument will be available for pick-up at the Music Office (Laidlaw 1072) during designated hours.
  3. If a student should forget their instrument for a rehearsal it is up to the discretion of the director to decide if another instrument will be checked out for that rehearsal.


Methods Classes:

  1. Faculty teaching woodwind, brass, and string methods will check out methods class instruments from Dr. Petersen ( prior to the first class meeting of the semester. Students in these classes should not check out instruments on their own.
  2. The faculty member will assign the instruments to the students in the class, keeping track of the instruments in any way they wish. The faculty member teaching the course is responsible for all of the instruments that are passed out during their methods class.
  3. If a new group of instruments is required as the methods classes progress, please allow two full working days between the faculty request and the class day on which those instruments are needed. This will allow Dr. Petersen time to pull the instruments, inspect them for any needed repairs, and have them available in the main office for faculty to pick up.
  4. If there is a problem with an instrument, let Dr. Petersen know. He can get a replacement instrument or get the original instrument repaired.



There is a rental fee of $20 to rent a guitar for the semester. This money goes to purchase replacement strings and new instruments. Students must pay this fee to Mrs. Doyle before they will be able to receive an instrument.

Jaguar Marching Band Instruments:

  1. When you check in during marching band camp you will sign your paperwork for your JMB instrument. These instruments and lockers have all been pre-assigned to make this process run smoothly. (Please do not complain that you “didn’t get the horn you wanted.”)
  2. If there is an issue with your instrument, DO NOT approach a director, section leader, or teaching assistant. Please see the Instrument Supply Officer for any issues with your instrument.
  3. Damaged instruments need to be returned to the Instrument Supply Officer. A temporary instrument will be checked out to you while your instrument is being repaired.
    1. Accidental damage and normal wear and tear costs will be covered by the JMB.
    2. Damages occurring from carelessness or other means will be charged to the student to whom the instrument is checked out.
  4. If you have a successful audition for the Jaguar Pep Band you may keep your instrument checked out for the Spring semester. Otherwise, all instruments will be turned in after the Spring Game.


Policies for Students:

  1. A student should not give an instrument to another student without having it checked-out to that student. If you do give it to another student, you are still responsible. An instrument may be checked out to multiple people.
  2. If your teacher tells you to give the instrument to another student, and you do, you are still responsible.
  3. With approval from Dr. Petersen or the Instrument Supply Officer (JMB), we may ask you to take your instrument in for repair at our cost. If you take an instrument for repairs without approval it will be at your own cost, and you are still responsible for it. DO NOT attempt to repair the instrument on your own.
  4. Please keep the instrument in its assigned locker. We occasionally may have to send it out for repair, share instruments with other students, or borrow instruments for emergency situations.
  5. Keep the instrument and locker secure at ALL times. Ask for a copy of the contract or take a photo of it, as it contains the location of your assigned instrument as well as the combination to your lock.
  6. While the instrument is checked out to you, it is your responsibility. If the instrument is lost or stolen it is your financial responsibility to have it replaced. (Most homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will cover a portion of the replacement cost)
  7. If the instrument is not returned by the end of the school year, you may be responsible for the cost of the instrument.
  8. A hold will be placed on your student account for any non-returned instruments. The hold will be released once the instrument is returned. If an instrument is not returned within 5 days of the end of the school year, it will be considered stolen and the USA Police Department will be notified and appropriate legal action will be taken.



[proposed] Beginning in the 2023-2024 academic year, students will pay $50 per semester for rental of department instruments to help cover repair and maintenance costs. The fee can be waived for specialty instruments being used by ensemble directors. JMB horns will not have a fee because students are required to play a specific horn in the ensemble as a matched set.