Course of Study


Please refer to the Forms page for a sample of the Alternative Masters checklist sheet for Secondary Education General Science.

Fall Semester (0 hrs) Pre-Residency
Interview with Selection Committee
Spring Semester (12 hrs) EDM 510 Micro-Computing Systems
SED 555 Curriculum and Teaching
BLY 585 Evolutionary Biology
Graduate Science Elective
Summer Semester (12 hrs) SPE 500 National Needs of Exceptional Children and Youth
SED 559 Advanced Techniques
EPY 525 Assessment and Research
RED 541 Literacy in the Content Areas
Fall Semester (13 hrs) Graduate Science Elective
SED 556 Teaching Science
CH 515 Environmental Toxicology
GY 590 Special Topics in Geology
Spring Semester (12 hrs) SED 597 Internship (Student Teaching)