Noyce Pathway To Science & Pathway to Science Phase II Requirements and Procedures

All students applying for the Noyce scholarship will complete a separate application during the fall semester of their pre-residency semester. Students will give a short presentation to a selection committee about their pre-residency experience. The candidates will be interviewed and the top students will be awarded the PTS scholarship. Candidates will be judged on their letters of recommendation, their overall demeanor and dispositions, as well as their commitment to teaching as evidenced by their written application and interview. The remaining students can continue in the regular master's program at their own cost but all efforts will be made to find financial support for the remaining students to assist in completing their master's degree. PTS Scholars will receive....

  • Pre-residency stipend of $1500 plus tuition
  • Full Graduate Tuition and Fees
  • Semester stipend of approximately $2500 (dependent on tuition cost)
  • Trip to a State and National Science Education Conference
  • One year paid membership in the Alabama Science Teacher Association (ASTA) and the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA)
  • Mentoring during their first years of introduction as a new science teacher of service. Total Scholarship amount is approximately $28,000.00