Minor in Speech and Hearing Sciences


The Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology offers a minor degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences for students across the University community with an interest in learning about communication sciences and disorders. Students in the minor degree program in Speech and Hearing Sciences will learn about communication across the lifespan, gain knowledge of communication disorders, and have a basic understanding of how to interact with individuals with communication disorders in educational, social, and employment settings.

▼   Degree Requirements and Course Descriptions

The undergraduate minor in Speech and Hearing Sciences requires a minimum of 19 credit hours, with a C or better earned in all courses. Please see the USA Bulletin for the Degree Requirements and the Course Descriptions.

▼   Departmental Honors Program

Students pursuing a minor degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences may complete requirements to earn the Departmental Honors designation. Students will work with a faculty mentor from the Speech and Hearing Sciences program and two other faculty members to complete a Senior Honors Thesis project. Specific criteria for the program can be found in the following .pdf.

▼   Frequently Asked Questions

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