Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

Associate Professor
Graphic Design


  • MFA Graphic Design, Louisiana Tech University, 2002
  • BFA Graphic Design, University of South Alabama, 1998

Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Matt Johnson has been a Professor of Graphic Design at the University of South Alabama for 12 years and a designer for nearly 20. He holds an MFA in Graphic Design from Louisiana Tech University, is an internationally awarded designer, and published children’s book author and illustrator. His experiences in the field, as well as the classroom, make his teaching and creative skills second-to-none. He lives for visual gratification and the ability to create. Matt’s world revolves around visual communication and the satisfaction that comes from a piece of work well done.


  • Tools at Work!. Warminster, PA: Marco Products, 2014, Tools at Work!

Awards and Honors

  • Award of Excellence, Uncracking the Egg, Apex Awards for Publication Excellence, June 2016 

  • Runner Up, Avian Outlook, Creativity Quarterly 44, 2016 (Runner Up)

  • Gold Award, Springhill Yardage Book, Marcom Awards, 2015 (With Benjamin J. Shamback)

  • Award of Excellence, Azalea Yardage Book, Apex Awards for Publication Excellence, 2015 (With Benjamin J. Shamback)

  • Gold Award, Uncracking the Egg,  Hermes Creative Awards, 2015

  • 2nd Place, Hollows Grove Movie Art Competition, 2015

  • Special Merit Award, You First, Light Space & Time Online Gallery, , 2015

  • Special Recognition, Regarding Loneliness, Light Space & Time Online Gallery, 2015

  • Top Prof Recognition, University of South Alabama, 2015

  • Finalist, Tools at Work!, U.S. Book News, 2014

  • Gold Award, Tools at Work!. Hermes Creative Awards, 2011

  • Gold Award, Tools at Work!. Creativity Annual Awards, 2011

  • Award of Excellence, SportsReports Publication. Apex Awards for Publication Excellence, 2009

  • Award of Excellence, SportsReports Publication. Apex Awards for Publication Excellence, 2008

  • Honorable Mention, SportsReports Publication, Hermes Creative Awards, 2008

  • Work Published, the Speakeasy Remains. Creativity Annual Awards, 2006


  • ARS 121, Perceptual Drawing I
  • ARS 122, Perceptual Drawing II
  • ARS 271, Introduction to Graphic Design
  • ARS 272 Typography
  • ARS 273, Graphic Design Applications
  • ARS 290, Special Topics, Drawing for Game Design
  • ARS 372, Graphic Design Production
  • ARS 373, Graphic Design Identity Systems
  • ARS 374, Publication Design
  • ARS 375, Digital Graphic Design
  • ARS 376, Illustration
  • ARS 472, Senior Graphic Design
  • ARS 473, Web Design
  • ARS 479, Design Business Practices
  • ARS 488, Graphic Design Thesis
  • ARS 494, Directed Studies
  • ARS 496, Professional Studies Internship
  • CAS 100, First Yr Experience