Italy 2019 Study Abroad

Italy 2017 Study Abroad

The Department of Art & Art History at the University of South Alabama is hosting a study abroad experience in Italy scheduled for May 2019.

▼   Program Overview

Italy is known for its stunning art collections, awe-inspiring ancient monuments, breathtaking views, and incredible food. The USA Department of Art & Art History's program in Italy will provide students from all majors the opportunity to explore the art, architecture, archaeology, and culture of Italy, first-hand. In addition, artists of all media and levels will be able to find inspiration in a country that has inspired artists for generations.

Spanning fifteen days in Italy from May 8th (departing Mobile May 7th) to May 22nd (departing Rome), our trip will begin in the medieval city of Orvieto where we will visit the famous Italian Gothic cathedral, Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, and tour mysterious Etruscan Tombs at the Crocifisso del Tufo Necropolis. We will then travel to Florence for three full days, visiting Siena en route, experiencing the iconic beauty of the cities that gave birth to the Renaissance and the renowned art collection of the Uffizi Gallery. Our final six days will be spent in the Eternal City, Rome. Here, we will visit the Pantheon, the Roman Colosseum, the treasures of the Vatican Museum, and the Borghese Gallery, among others. Free days have been set aside in Orvieto, Florence, and Rome, allowing students the opportunity to explore each city on their own. The program will be hosted by the University of South Alabama’s Department of Art & Art History.

Courses will be taught by the Department of Art & Art History professors, Dr. Kara K. Burns, and Prof. Matthew Johnson. Up to six credit hours may be earned in studio art, art history, classics, and/or museum studies. Courses meeting Gen Ed, Honors, and Writing intensive requirements of the university will be offered in these areas. Some work will be required prior to and after the trip.

▼   Accommodations and Meals
Accommodations are based on shared occupancy. Single accommodations are available for an additional charge. Also included are daily breakfasts and welcome and departure dinners.
▼   Courses
Students may register for two classes with up to six (6) credit hours awarded. Registration for classes will be handled on an individual basis in an effort to best meet the educational needs of the student.
▼   Courses include:

Courses include:
Art History/Classics/Museum Studies Courses
ARH 100: History of Art (Gen Ed), (3) Prerequisite: none (Gen Ed)
ARH/CLA 290: History of Art and Architecture of Italy, (3) Prerequisite: none
ARH 290: Art and Architecture of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque, (3) Prerequisite: none
ARH/CLA 390: Roman Art and Archaeology, (3) Prerequisite: none
ARH/CLA 390: Etruscan Art and Archaeology, (3) Prerequisite: none
ARH/CLA 390: History of Art and Architecture of Italy – Honors, (3) Prerequisite: Honors standing
MUM 390: Italian Museums and Archaeological Sites (3) Prerequisite: None
ARH/CLA 492: Greek Vases in Etruscan Tombs – Writing Intensive (W), (3) Prerequisite: 2 Upper division Art History, Classics, Anthropology, or History Courses
ARH 494: Directed Studies – Study Abroad (3) Prerequisite: 2 Upper division Art History, Classics, Anthropology, or History

Studio Art Courses
ARS 101: Art Appreciation (3) Prerequisite: none (Gen Ed)
ARS 290: Special Topics: Mixed Media Travel Journal / Drawing (3) Prerequisite: ARS 122
ARS 290: Special Topics: Mixed Media Travel Journal / Drawing – Honors (3) Prerequisite: ARS 122
ARS 290: Special Topics: Mixed Media Drawing from Architecture and Sculpture (3) Prerequisite: ARS 122
ARS 490: Special Topics Graphic Design: Illustration of Imaginary Creatures (3) Prerequisite: ARS 122, ARS 123
ARS 490 Special Topics: Advertising for Tourism (3) Prerequisite: ARS 373
ARS 494: Directed Studies Study Abroad (3) Prerequisites: As announced, senior standing, and permission of the instructor

Some coursework will be required prior to and after the trip. Students may opt to pursue only three credit hours; however, program fees are fixed and allow up to six credit hours. Fees will not change for lower hour enrollments. Students not currently enrolled at USA must make application to the University of South Alabama prior to enrolling in this program. This course is part of the USA summer schedule of courses.


▼   Program Costs


The cost of the USA Art & Art History in Italy 2019 program is $4,399. USA Study Abroad scholarships are available to all USA student participants who submit an application and meet minimum program requirements. The first 10 USA students who commit to the program and complete a scholarship application will receive a USA Study Abroad scholarship of $500 for the program making the cost of the program $3,899. THIS IS THE OIE STUDY ABROAD SCHOLARSHIP THROUGH JAGSPOT.

Program costs include all in-country transportation, including all specified excursions and airport transfers for those who arrive on the assigned day and time, accommodations as described above, daily breakfasts, welcome and departure dinners in Italy, specified museum entrance fees, and international health insurance and international emergency assistance. Tuition for up to six (6) credit hours is also included and financial aid may be applied to the cost of the trip.

All meals, other than breakfasts and specified dinners, are at the participant’s own expense. Participants should budget additional funds for art supplies or personal expenses such as souvenirs or independent travel, based upon individual spending habits. International airfare is not included in the price of the program. The Office of International Education will reserve and facilitate flights on behalf of all students who would like assistance.

Costs are based on anticipated exchange rates, international airfare, and enrollment and are subject to change. Program items may be changed in lieu of a price increase. Price may vary for graduate students.
▼   Payment Schedule and Deadline:


Space is limited. A program deposit of $350.00 is due at the time of application and no later than February 1, 2019. Final payment deadline is April 8, 2019. Applicants can reserve a spot in the program by hitting the "Apply Now" button and completing the online program application. Once accepted, applicants can confirm their place in the program by paying the program deposit of $350. The deposit is applied toward the cost of the program, $300 of which is fully refundable if the participant withdraws before the application deadline of February 1, 2019.

Financial aid may be applied to this course. If interested in applying for financial aid, please contact a financial aid officer at your earliest convenience to request an award for summer 2019. This course is part of the USA summer schedule of courses.

Refund Policy: Program fees are refundable only in the event of cancellation of the program and are based on recoverable expenses. All payments should be considered non-refundable and any requests for consideration of refunds based on extenuating circumstances (medical, etc…) must be made in writing and will be considered on a case by case basis.


For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Kara Burns, Assistant Professor
Department of Art & Art History
(251) 461-1438

Matt Johnson, Professor

Department of Art & Art History

(251) 460-7319


The USA Office of International Education
2300 Meisler Hall
(251) 460-7053