Chemistry (CH) Course Override Request


Please use this form to request an override for a course with a Chemistry (CH) subject for which you wish to register (upcoming term) or remain registered (term in progress). This form cannot be used to request an override for any other subject.

Overrides will be provided during regular business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, excluding lunch breaks and holidays.  You will be notified when your override is complete.

For advisors completing requests, please include your email address in the "Other Information" section of the form to be copied on to the response email.

Prerequisite override requests require explanation of how the course prerequisite(s) is met in the "Other Information" section. For prerequisite overrides, documentation should be sent to Please do not send high school transcripts. For dual enrollment, you should send the college transcript. College credit equivalencies will be reviewed using the USA Transfer Evaluation System.

This form is restricted to the SouthAlabama.Edu domain. Please be sure that you are logged into your JagMail account before attempting to submit an override request.

Request an Override