Chemistry Scholarships

Chemistry student standing in doorway of classroom.
Annual Chemistry Scholarship Submissions

The Chemistry Department has five different scholarship awards. The application deadline is on or before 5:00 pm on the first Friday in October. Award presentations are made at the annual Mole Day Picnic, sponsored by ACS Student Affiliates, on or around October 23rd.

Students should carefully review the requirements for each scholarship listed below. If the requirements are met, eligible applicants will be considered for all applicable awards. To start the application process, students should click the Jag$POT button below. Applications are accepted beginning September 2nd.

Students are encouraged to contact the Chemistry Department at (251) 460-6181 and inquire if they are eligible and if the option to reapply exists. The determination of awards will be made by the Chemistry Scholarship Committee and based upon the availability of funds.  Academic performance, departmental involvement, and financial need will also be considered.





Chemistry Department Scholarship

This scholarship is for Chemistry majors only. Awards will consist of $1,500 tuition credit to be distributed on an annual basis. The scholarship will support the award recipients through their fourth year as Chemistry majors, provided academic performance is maintained.

In order to qualify, students must:
1) Be a Chemistry major beginning his or her sophomore year (post-CH 132) or junior year (post-CH 202), as determined by the Chemistry Department.

2) Have a minimum GPA of 3.0, overall and in Chemistry.

3) Be enrolled full-time, as determined by the University.

Endowed Scholarship - Chemistry

This scholarship opportunity is renewable and for Chemistry majors only. Applicants must be a declared Chemistry major with an excellent academic record. 


T. G. Jackson Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is an annual award given in memory of long-time Chemistry professor, Dr. T. G. Jackson. Applicants must be a declared Chemistry major, with preference given to Health Pre-professional students. 

Wierzbicki-Salter Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is renewable and for Chemistry majors only. Applicants must be a declared Chemistry major with sophomore standing or higher with an excellent academic record.

Williams-Phillips-Van Hook Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is renewable and for students in the College of Nursing or majoring in Chemistry who have completed or are currently enrolled in a Chemistry course.  Students should have a minimum GPA of 2.0.