Chemistry Department


Mission Statement

"The mission of the Department of Chemistry is to provide professional development for students and faculty alike in the chemical sciences with a focus on a program which makes a difference locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. The Department of Chemistry serves as an advocate and conduit for the nexus of discovery, learning, and the dissemination of knowledge of the chemical sciences among academic units and programs of the University as reflected in the excellence of teaching, research, and service of our faculty and students." - Richard O'Brien


During February 12-18, 2019, students from the Chemistry Department's CH101 (Survey of Inorganic & Organic Chemistry) laboratories had the opportunity to interact with the personnel from the USA Health System and the Human-Patient Simulation Program relating to Experiment #4 in their spring semester laboratory experiments. Over 260 students listened to Dr. Mike Jacobs for a 60-minute lecture on solutions, concentration gradients, and IV bags. Students were then able to setup IV bags on simulation patients while working with medical personnel from the Human-Patient Simulation Program.

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Barletta and Mrs. Diane Roe.  They have been appointed Associate Professor Emeritus and Instructor Emeritus, respectively, "in recognition of [their] achievements in teaching, in service to the University, in the generation of new knowledge through research and scholarship, and for serving as a consistently inspiring influence to students over a long period of time, as evaluated by [their] peers and the academic administrative officers of the University."

Congratulations to all five (5) Chemistry faculty who were recently recognized as Top Profs through the Sally Steadman Azalea Chapter of Mortar Board.  The event offers an opportunity for students to share how members of South impact their lives in a positive way through the areas of teaching, research, and service.  When looking at the number of academic units recognized, Chemistry had more faculty recognized than any other group on campus!  

Today we say bon voyage to Mrs. Ruth Cochran and her family, and wish them a safe trip as they move Up North. She has been an integral part of this department and is a friend to all who know her. We will all miss her.