The Department of Chemistry at the University of South Alabama is an exciting place to study and explore the world of chemistry. The Department offers quality instruction from an outstanding faculty for those interested in finding out "what chemistry is all about" to those interested in pursuing a career in chemistry through a Baccalaureate degree in an American Chemical Society Approved Chemistry Program.

Covering inorganic, organic, analytical, physical, and biological chemistry, our courses prepare students for graduate school, industry, and biomedical research. The Department takes great pride in the close student-faculty relationships that develop during undergraduate study at the University. In fact, all chemistry students get an opportunity to participate in undergraduate research with faculty mentors and many are able to present their research work at national meetings.

We invite you to consider the study of chemistry as a viable option for your future, as it continues to present many exciting career opportunities in industry and academics.

Why Chemistry

You can get paid to do something interesting, challenging, creative and relevant with a degree in Chemistry! Chemists can eradicate diseases by developing new drugs and vaccines, make drug development faster, safer, and cheaper, or even help make animal testing obsolete. Chemists can protect the planet by making things more energy efficient, durable, reusable, and/or biodegradable. Chemists can also boost the economy by developing new consumer products that make life easier, more fun, efficient, and appealing. The possibilities are endless!

Chemistry offers choice and flexibility. Chemistry career opportunities include the following professional areas:

  • Research
  • Industry
  • Instrument Design
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Development
  • Quality Control
  • Teaching & Academia
  • Forensics
  • Regulatory Work
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Government (EPA, FDA, DOE, NIST, etc.)

Thinking about the future? An undergraduate degree in Chemistry can not only lead to the wonderful career opportunities listed above, but also graduate school, medical or pharmacy school, law school, dental school, and more! Did you know that a B.S. in Chemistry is amongst one of the most marketable science degrees? In fact, graduate programs in Chemistry are fully funded. Graduate programs in Chemistry pay tuition and a salary. Many of these programs provide medical benefits and good students often receive additional stipends for books and fees.

Experience the Difference

The Department of Chemistry at South offers students the unique opportunity to gain extensive experience using a variety of tools and instruments. At many universities, students get very little or superficial exposure to instrument usage. Our individualized approach allows us to provide more in depth and varied hands-on experiences using many different instruments. In fact, we have a research component to our curriculum that allows all majors to work one-on-one with a faculty research mentor. This exposure to lab work and research allows students to be prepared for the many avenues a Chemistry major can take after his/her undergraduate experience.

Student Testimonials

"Becoming a chemistry major was the best decision I could have made for my future. The chemistry department at the University of South Alabama offers numerous research opportunities, multiple scholarships, and excellent laboratory facilities. Throughout my undergraduate experience, I have attended international research conferences and national ACS conventions to present my research. In addition, I lead the ACS student affiliate organization as the President to promote chemistry enthusiasm among the community and strengthen the bonds (get it?) between chemistry students. I became employed immediately after graduation because I possess extensive lab experience and was well-prepared by the department for challenging responsibilities. I know I will have their support when I apply for graduate school because the faculty is always helpful and wants to see students succeed. Ultimately, a chemistry degree teaches you how to think critically and use what you learn in a professional industry, making you readily employable in many career fields."

Hijrah El-Sabae Hassouneh