Meteorology Student Activities

USA Student announcing the weather on screen.


University of South Alabama meteorology students can join many co-curricular activities to enhance college experience. These activities offer networking opportunities at professional gatherings and experiences valuable to a career in meteorology.


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USA Meteorology Club

As an official chapter of the American Meteorological Society, students have access to professional opportunities throughout the school year. Visit the official USA Met Club site or follow the Meteorology Club on Facebook or Twitter.




The Southeastern Coastal and Atmospheric Processes Symposium (SeCAPS) is hosted by the University of South Alabama annually during the spring semester. SeCAPS fosters interaction between students and earth science professionals in industry, government, broadcast media and academia. For further information about SeCAPS, visit the USA Meteorology Club's SeCAPS website.


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USA AtmosCenter

The USA AtmosCenter is a student-run broadcast system that provides weather updates to University students, faculty and staff via USA AtmosCenter YouTube and USA AtmosCenter Twitter.


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South Alabama Mesonet

Founded in 2006, the South Alabama Mesonet consists of 25 research-grade automated weather stations. Data is collected every minute and disseminated to the National Weather Service and other users including power companies, nurseries and fire stations. The Mesonet is used extensively in the meteorology curriculum and undergraduate research and provides paid positions for student technicians.


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Coastal Weather Research Center

The Alabama Power USA Coastal Weather Research Center is a self-supporting operation. Located in the Science Laboratory Building on South’s main campus, the Weather Center consists of a meteorological laboratory, information center and archive. Among the Center's major activities are the dissemination of forecasts and warnings to local and regional business and industry and the support of Alabama's first and only undergraduate program in meteorology.